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30 by 30. It’s time to start living.

Super excited to have our little sister Zara guest post today for the sorella-hood. Thanks so much for sharing and giving us a kick up the behind Za!  Who knew little sisters could be so clever!

Zara with our mum Joan

Zara with our mum Joan

One year ago I was at a very real and very painful low point in my life. A long term relationship that I thought was going to be … ‘it’ … came to a very sudden and painful end.

My life turned a complete 180 and I had to try to find myself amongst the heartbreak, tears, depression, gin and tonics (and Maggie Beer Ice Cream).

I woke up one morning recently with an overwhelming realisation that I was pushing 30. A year ago I would have hid in my ice cream/gin soaked sheets for a week. However, this time something different occurred and I used the techniques my overpaid psychologist had taught me and transformed this negative thought into a positive one.

So, the 30 things before 30 challenge came to fruition.

An opportunity for me to savor every moment of my new found singledom and embrace life and what was left of my 20’s. A list of achievable goals which would complete my journey through the 20’s and give me the ability to reflect on this stage of my life with achievements and fond memories rather than heartbreak.

Alas, 1 problem: I found the list really hard to write.

The first few things came to me easily. But I hit a big brick wall at around 20. I couldn’t think of things. I searched online for inspiration but nothing really fit so I left it for about a week then came back to it. I don’t know why I struggled so much. I think it could have been because I had never really given myself a chance to be honest about the things I really wanted to experience, or what might truly make me happy.

We get so caught up in ‘living’ the ‘life of routine’ – going to work and coming home to watch Masterchef. Why don’t we give ourselves the opportunity to think about what we really want to achieve? Even just thinking about the small things that we would really like to experience?

In giving myself the chance to reflect on what I want to do in my life I now have over FORTY things I want to do before I’m 30 – but have put the last 10 on my secondary list because it doesn’t have the same ring to it as 30 by 30!

My inspiration board to keep me going! When I complete an experience, I will replace the card with a photo!

My inspiration board to keep me going! When I complete an experience, I will replace the card with a photo!

So here is my list…in no particular order…(the red❌ means I’ve now done it!)

1. Learn how to braid hair

2. Complete the Dirty Dancing “Lift”


3. Travel somewhere foreign alone

4. Learn to sew

5. Crochet a rug

6. Go to a pole dancing class

7. See a show on West End

8. Go to the Moulin Rouge

9. Buy a venetian mask in Venice

10. Visit Uluru

Anna McGregor Uluru

11. Watch Gone with the Wind

12. Make Gnocchi from scratch

13. Volunteer in a developing country

14. Drink a Martini

James Bond - Martini15. Learn to salsa

16. Eat a croissant in Paris

17. Learn tarot-card reading

18. Learn to juggle

19. Do trapeze

20. Go to a film on my own

21. Go see a theatre show on my own

22. Go to a live cricket game

23. Do a chocolate cooking course

Oxfam Fairtrade Chocolate

24. Get a share portfolio!

25. Drink wine in the Hunter or Yarra Valley

26. Go to The Big Day Out

27. Buy something fabulous from Tiffany

28. Throw a traditional dinner party

29. Read Pride & Predjudice

30. Get a puppy!

It’s a shame it took me getting to the lowest point in my life to begin this change. But I challenge you. Don’t wait for a traumatic experience to force you to live your life. Get out a pen and paper. Create your ‘bucket list’. Your 100 things to do before you die. Or whatever milestone that works for you.

Think of a few things that you’ve always wanted to do and – do it.

Do it now.

I dare you!

~ Zara

I think I’m inspired to do 40 by 40! How about you? Would you create a list like this to get you more active in living your life? Tell us about it below….

~ anna

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