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5 reasons to get a boob job

Mum’s I know joke about them all the time:

“I have lost my boobs”

“My boobs are a mess – one goes this way the other goes that way”

“I have nothing left after breastfeeding and can’t even fill an A cup”

“Any lower and my boobs would be ~insert punch line here~ ”

So, what are they worth?  How important are the look of our breasts and what lengths would you go to in getting them back in shape – or just back?!

The technology seems pretty advanced these days and more ‘natural looking’ implants seem to be available – the kind that go under the silicone radar. There are few friends of mine that I think may have had a boob job, but they look so real and fantastic that I just couldn’t bet any money on it.

Heidi Montag

NOT an example of a boob job going under the silicone radar - The Hill's Heidi Montag
(image via UK Mirror, Getty Images)

To boob-job or not to boob-job was a question posed recently by bloggers Alli and Genine on their Facebook page.  It seems that generally a lot of women are saying no to the boob job. But are these women the ones with the beautiful busts with no need for one? Or perhaps these are the women that haven’t yet had children who have latched on and sucked them from an inch of their existence?

I recently saw my friend go through a double mastectomy and reconstruction. She kindly shared her experience on our blog here if you’d like to re-visit it. Seeing her go through this surgery (with absolutely amazing strength and courage) really made me think twice about any kind of elective surgery that is not forced upon me. That said, I do support women and their personal reasons for looking for a boost – to their self-esteem as well as the bust area.

So my 2 cents on the Top 5 reasons to get a boob job?

1. For medical reasons – for example, reconstruction surgery following a mastectomy

2. For mother’s who really feel like they have lost a significant part of their physical-self since breastfeeding.  Particularly women used to a larger bust before breastfeeding who are now facing the reality of chicken fillets, push up bras, and a cupboard full of clothes that just don’t look the same not filled out in the right places.

3. You have a spare $5K lying around

4. You have a spare $5K lying around and also happen to be going to Thailand for a holiday (and have the name of a tried and tested surgeon that can guarantee you a natural look that will have people talking about your fabulous tan rather than the pair of souvenirs you brought home with you).

5. You know that at the end of the day this decision is only about you and no one else’s needs or expectations. That, after a lot of thought, you are sure that this change is a way for you to hold a more confident and positive perception of your complete self.  This can surely only be a good thing, right?

Would you get breast implants? Why or why not?

~ alisha


  • How funny is this. I, personally, would not get them (yet) because I am young(ish) and haven’t had kids. I am also terrified of surgery and do not think I could go through with it! I’m not against them at all though. You want fake boobs, more power to you! Sometimes, I will say, it is annoying when you see a girl that has a body like yours (same shape, same weightish, etc) but hers looks WAY better because she has fake boobs!

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