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It’s a good day for getting mental


We often think of our improving health solely with a ‘physical’ approach, that is, doing anything that requires perspiration, grunting, and lycra.  And while this is of course a very important approach for achieving optimal health, it’s easy to forget that our mind also needs love, care and strengthening.

How true is it that our minds – as important as they are – get the left over scraps when it comes to TLC?  I had an alert on my phone for 18 months that would go off every day at midday saying “Anna! Stop! Meditate!’. I was asking myself to commit to just 5 minutes away from whatever was consuming me at that time and give my mind some dedicated ‘exercise’.

Just 5 minutes.

How many times do you think I stopped to mediate over that 18 month period? It’s embarrassing to say. I can count them on one hand.

Four. Just four times.

Needless to say I have removed the alert as it was clearly ineffective in getting me motivated.  What did shake my butt was my recent episode of standing in the shower, looking down and realising I had a BIG problem which I shared with the sorella-hood a few weeks back here (Laughing at my expense is welcomed).

So, you can either have a slap in the face like I did to get you back in gear, or if you’re lucky, you can have a gentle reminder to stop and assess on a day like today – because today is WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY.

The community initiative (developed by the World Federation for Mental Health) has 3 main goals:

  1. To encourage people to seek support
  2. To reduce stigma
  3. To foster connectivity throughout communities

To do this, the campaign us to make “a simple, personal mental health promise that can be made by anyone, regardless of their own mental health.  You don’t have to have a mental illness to take part, you just need to have an interest in your own good health, which is important to everyone.”

My promise: To stop the negative self-talk!

You can make your “mental health promise”, and share it, to encourage more people to open up about mental illness here!

And I also came across this info-graphic from the Mental Health Council of Australia detailing their 10 tips to keep your mental wellbeing in tip-top shape!  They look pretty easy to implement to me – I’m sure many of these would become everyday habits pretty quickly.

10 tips for better mental healthI’m planning on stretching my mental muscle for better health a bit more regularly – how about you?

~ anna

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