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A G-string is like a landline telephone – no longer necessary

According to a study in 2008, French women spend 20% of their income on lingerie.  Yes, you heard me, 20-bloody-percent. This is probably about the same amount that I spend on car, life, home and health insurance all rolled into one (and there’s nothing sexy about insurance).

I vow to take the 20% approach when I one day look like this:

Mirander KerrMirander Kerr showing us how it’s done (via Cosmopolitan UK)

Hearing that women are spending such a high amount on lingerie isn’t a bad thing given I have just started a business in women’s sleepwear. However, I should point out that we specifically designed sorella & me line avoiding that ‘lingeriesque’ feel {is lingeriesque a word?}. Now, I don’t have kids but I’m going to hazard a guess that the last thing you’re going to feel like when you’ve got a bun in the oven is your guy jumping on top of you – regardless of whether you’re at 3 months and still spewing your guts up, or 8 months and can’t even see your knees let along get them out of the way.  Furthermore, I reckon the only reason you’d be awake at 3am is to ‘work’ (i.e. feed a screaming baby) and not ‘play’. No, you can rest assured ladies that we have your back at sorella & me – we are beautiful but purposefully not ‘come-hither’ sexy).

Anyway, back to my point – what was my point?  Right, yes, those damn French women putting the rest of us to shame with their slim lingerie wearing bodies. Although, there is actually one thing we can thank our French sisters for, and that’s the recent trend that they are ditching their g-strings for far more comfortable and flattering knickers (ooh la la, now you’re talking).

Although the G became an essential piece for French women back in the 1990’s as the visible-panty-line saga reared it’s ugly head, apparently only 1 in 4 French women now own one.  At the International Lingerie Fair held a couple of weeks ago in Paris, exhibition Director Cecile Guerin confirmed the G was out, and so it should be. She suggested that most women’s bodies are not even suited to a G-string. “It wedges up into your bottom, and does nothing at all for the figure.”  Apparently with advanced technology such as seamless designs and superfine fibers that leave no panty line, the G-string is like a landline telephone – no longer necessary.

Hooray! Someone send a memo out to the men of the world! Look, we know most of you like them but it’s time to say thanks and farewell as it disappears forever (no pun intended).  Don’t worry, like hyper-colour tshirts, leg warmers, and ra-ra skirts you may miss them at first, but soon ‘bum-floss’ will be a far distant, regretted fashion memory.

Which naturally brings me to the looming day of love – Valentine’s Day. Boys, please note, chocolates and roses will do just fine this year.

anna x

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