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A green-carpet army in Valentino

As is usual, there has been a lot of post-Oscar frenzy about who were the Best Dressed, along with the (sometimes more entertaining) Worst Dressed. But did you notice there was no mention of best ‘Sustainably Dressed’? It may surprise you that this however is becoming increasing likely for future events.

Oscars Best Dressed

Noted as some of the best dressed at this year's Oscars - But who were the best Sustainably Dressed? Image via The Sun (UK)

I’m sure you will know by now that our maternity sleepwear label ‘sorella & me’ has been developed with a solid integration of our social and environmental values.  That is, we have selected our fabrics and trims, our manufacturer and packaging based on our values of sustainability and ethical production.  We have a long way to go before we are a fully sustainable label, but we are enjoying the challenge of getting there and look forward to the day where every choice we make in our production can be traceable and certified as ethical. Good for the people involved in making our beautiful maternity collection, good for the environment, and good for our customers who want to be assured that they can get a guilt-free sleep.

It is for such reasons that we find it quite inspiring when we hear about the project headed up Livia Firth to make an impact in the world of sustainable fashion.

You may only know her as the ever impressive Colin Firth’s beautiful wife, however she has more worthy titles to her CV than this alone. Livia is a successful film producer/director, business-woman, mother of 2 boys, and now, sustainable fashion icon.

She looked beautiful at this years Golden Globes in Armani (made with recycled plastic bottles):

Golden Globes Green Carpet Challenge

Livia Firth in Armani made from recycled plastic bottles. Image via Eco Age

And again just last week for the Oscars. I just love this romantic-look and the quite unique red hue.  Certainly eye catching. And yes, this frock is sustainable too.

Livia Firth in Valentino

Olivia Firth in Valentino for the Oscars - showing the original design sketches. Made with recycled PET fabric and recycled silk. Is that Colin in the background doing a last minute hair check before the big night? Image via Eco Age

For the past 3 years Livia has been fashioning a movement (pardon the pun) under the guise of prestige red carpet events (you know the ones – the kind of events where George Clooney regularly turns up looking dashing, but our only access to him is, and only ever will be, via WHO Weekly and in our dreams).

The project is aptly called ‘The Green Carpet Challenge’ and the approach is simple. Call in some of the worlds best established as well as up-and-coming designers, and have them create gowns and suits made from fully sustainable fabrics for celebrities to walk the red carpet. The aim? To promote “social justice, environmental integrity and brilliant design”.

And if a celebrity can’t get their hands on a frock made from sustainable fabrics, it’s ok to recycle!  Check out Colin Firth at this year’s Oscars with Livia – he wore the same Tom Ford wool suit to last year’s Oscars. What a supportive hubby!

Colin Firth at the Oscars

Colin wears the same Tom Ford wool suit he wore to the 2011 Oscars. Just as smashing the second time around too. Via Eco Age

Getting good wear out of a frock or suit is something us regular folk are pretty good at. I’ve got 4 friend’s weddings, and at least 7 events that I can remember out of a very pretty Alannah Hill dress I have had circa 2002. It’s good to see Kate Middleton is also a regular of this party-trick (via Styling You), proving that it’s no longer a fashion faux-pas:

Kate Middle wearing the same dress twice

Just one occasion where Kate Middleton has been snapped in the same frock twice. Love your work Kate! Image credit yahoo7 lifestyle via Styling You

You may not know it, but some of the frocks we saw and loved at many of 2012’s award events so far have been part of The Green Carpet Challenge.  Take Oscar winner for Best Actress, Meryl Streep.

Meryl Streep at the Oscars in Lanvin

Meryl Streep at the Oscars in Lanvin. Image via Sky News

And ironically, her main competitor for the award Viola Davis, supported the Green Carpet Challenge earlier in February by wearing Valentino at the BAFTAs. (What a knock out by the way).

Viola Davis

Valentino strikes again for the Green Carpet Challenge - Viola Davis at the BAFTAs. Image via Eco Age

Valentino’s one thing if you can afford it, but what can we do day to day apart from recycling our clothes, and staying up to date with current trends?  Stay tuned for a future post on our top tips for becoming a little more conscious of your impact and how to make better choices.

You can find out more about Livia Firth and The Green Carpet Challenge here

Have you heard about the movement in sustainable fashion? What are your thoughts on fabrics made from plastic bottles?!

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