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A happy marriage. What’s the magic formula?

Our parents are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary this week.

1972. Our parents on their wedding day. (Love the bow-tie Dad. Can J1 borrow it for our wedding?)

When you stop to think about it, it’s a big achievement. Massive. Just think, 40 years with that one person. My mum married my father as a sweet 21 year old – so she has spent two-thirds of her life with him.

She wouldn’t know a day without him, and he without her.

And let’s face it. It’s especially awe-inspiring with a current divorce rate of 2.3 divorces per 1,000 population (2010 figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics).

That’s 50,200 divorces.

That’s 100,400 unhappy people (or happy people, depending on how you look at it).

That’s 1 in 217 Australians getting divorced every year!

This isn’t really helpful for me to focus on while in the throws of planning my own wedding. BUT I think if my parents (with their everyday ups and downs like most couples) can manage to reach 40 years without killing eachother, perhaps J1 & I will be one of the lucky couples to stay out of the statistics and we’ll breeze past the deadline of 10.2 years (the average length for a marriage that ends in divorce) with flying colours and continue to look forward to the 10 after that.

I wonder what my parents would say if I asked them what kept them together? And I wonder if it’s something that I can determine if I have it in my own relationship now? Apart from a good gut feeling and a general acceptance that I’m going to have to remind J1 to take the rubbish bins out (and back in again) every single week for the rest of my existence, I can’t help but ask myself: Do we have the magic formula to keep things together?

It’s the $39224 question (ie, the average cost of an Australian wedding). Actually we should probably also add the cost of the divorce too, and this could be anything upwards of the $432 application fee. Just ask Paul McCartney and his 24.3 million POUND divorce.

Alisha & her hubbie J2 recently celebrated their 7 year wedding anniversary. No 7-year-itch for these 2 love birds…

7 years already!

I hope I have it (the magic unknown formula that is). And perhaps my future children will also share my wedding day photo with the inter-web some 40 years from now (without asking for permission….Sorry Mum!).

~ anna

What do you think the magic formula is for a happy marriage?

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