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boys will be boys and girls may giggle

Today I share with the sorella-hood a simple observation as a mum in the school yard on a Thursday morning.  My daughter has started Prep and today I was able to take my time dropping her to the classroom.

We took a leisurely stroll through the playground.  As the “BIG” boys ran past she cowered in to me clenching my hand tight.  I am a highschool teacher so to me these boys are babies, but to my little preppy I could understand how to her the stomping of their school shoes on the concrete as they zoomed past us, would be quite frightening.

We stood in silence on the edge of the oval and watched the children play.  What I observed was THAT obvious that it really was drawn to my attention.

It was amazing to watch the stereotypical body language of these young souls.  The girls insecure, following the pack like little lost sheep fearful that if they lose their friends for a moment they would be lost forever.  The boys ruggedly tackling eachother and running away, pointing, pushing, shoving, laughing and chasing.  Even more humorous the girls laughing at the boys, giggling and whispering about them, trying to get their attention but also rolling eyes and being oh so much more mature.  The boys, knowing full well they were being watched, but not giving the girls any attention and continuing on their high energy adventure.  I am well aware that avoiding ‘boys germs’ begins at an early age, but I guess I was a bit surprised to see that these typical behaviors, I see in the high school yard as an educator, begin at such a young age.

boys and girls busy at play as toddlers

boys and girls busy at play as toddlers

I do remember acting similarly in my own high school days. Sitting on the dirty concrete in a circle with my friends eating lunch while the boys seemed to be finding things to do with empty drink containers.  It did seem oh so strange to me that they would find such a silly game entertaining.  Standing on the edge of the field with my daughter I found myself internally willing the girls’ on – “go on girls…let go of holding on to your skirt with nerves…move away from your friend that you have your arms linked to…walk tall and confident and maybe even…run….”

my students and I sitting on the stage. just the girls. I wanted the boys in the photo too but they were being too silly!

my students and I sitting on the stage. just the girls. I wanted the boys in the photo too but they were being too silly!

Reflecting on my own children, my little girl does like typical ‘girly’ activities like dancing to music at home (among many other things of course) and my little boy is drawn to any mode of transport and has a terrible habit of breaking things! However, I do aim to encourage holistic development by encouraging them to participate in a variety of activities.


another broken toy waiting to be fixed

Back with my daughter and the bell has rung.  As we approach the classroom a young boy who is a friend of ours, began jumping around in front of us, putting on the best show to impress my daughter to which she casually remarked,  “you make me laugh”.

So it seems that even at 5 years of age, the girls enjoy a giggle and the boys love putting on a show. As long as both are happy, confident, secure little people, is there anything wrong with this?

We love following Easy Peasy Kids Facebook page for humorous and beautiful observations on little people. http://www.facebook.com/EasyPeasyKids?ref=ts&fref=ts

Do you encourage non-stereotypical activities with your little one or do you relish in their girly-ness and typical boy-ish behaviours?

~ alisha

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