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3 things no.4! || nina, sisters & puppies

Time for another edition of 3 things! (I can just FEEL your utter excitement. Yes. Read on my friend). 3 things I learnt/realised/randomly thought about this week || no.4  #1 That Offspring is over. For good. (Apparently) Nina makes me feel “normal”. If this is the end, who is going to make me feel normal now? Are you sad too? Group hug?   #2 I found the best birthday card

3 things no.3! || nanas, love & mandarins

Time for another edition of everyone’s favourite game – 3 things! 3 things I learnt/realised/randomly thought about this week || no.3 #1 Nana’s can be cruel You know it’s time to book an emergency hair appointment when your 90 something glasses-wearing-nana says: “Oh look at those roots Anna. Are you growing your hair out to go back to your natural colour?” Touché Nana. Touché. #2 That I quite possibly have had too many failed relationships ‘Nuff said really. Or if you now find yourself more intrigued read this for a laugh: The Tragically Failed Relationships Mix Tape. <iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/LoX8_xeybEI” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen> #3 Mandarins are a sometimes food It’s mandarin season in Australia. I would like to warn everyone though that a mandarin is no substitute for chocolate during a craving. No matter what…

3 things no.2! || boobies, coconuts, birth

Did you like our first 3 things? Well then let’s not stop now. Here’s edition no.2! 3 things I learnt/realised/randomly thought about this week || no.2 #1 LITTLE KIDS ARE funny HILARIOUS I spent the weekend on the Sunshine Coast (Queensland) visiting my 3 nieces and nephew and apart from an education in Frozen, I came away with some gold-nugget quotes that are still making me laugh. This is perhaps my favourite – from my 4 year-old nephew who I guess has had a lesson or two at Kindy on God recently: “God is in your heart. Your heart is in the middle of your boobies”  Fair enough. #2 I WISH I INVESTED IN A COCONUT TREE PLANTATION 10 YEARS AGO Actually, also a Chia Seed farm, Quinoa farm, Cacao farm……

3 things no.1! || carob, pet dressing & Elizabeth Taylor

So we are going to play a weekly game called 3 things. 3 things will be 3 things (surprised?) that I have learnt recently. Actually, “Learnt” could be a misleading term. We could say they are more like a “random thought” that’s ended up as some sort of “realisation”. Confused? Me too but read on. These posts are going to be great (insert hopeful smile here) because – well, to be frank – it’s so time-consuming writing a full post in between designing and all the goings on in bringing you our gorgeous pieces – so this is a great cheats post. Yes, I’m calling myself out – I’m a cheat. But also because these are my honest to goodness random thoughts and I am hopeful they will sound less…

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