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The Mary Poppins Drawer of Possibility (+ a little giveaway)

Does this look familiar?… Yes. It’s that one drawer in your house that is the family’s dumping ground. Need a hair elastic? A Panadol? An allen key to put together your new Ikea furniture? This is where you’ll find one. I like to call it: The Mary Poppins Drawer of Fun. I think I am a reasonably organised person, but for some reason The Mary Poppins Drawer of Fun is completely UNorganised – mostly with take away menus that have been tried (or the intention to try). And as we have moved house 3 times in the last 4 years, we have quite the impressive collection of Melbourne’s finest (and not so fine) take-away menus.

New styles, photoshoots, and awards!

Hard to believe we are through half of another year isn’t it? Time seems to be flying by, and life with sorella & me has been a big part of that. We have been super busy and have so many exciting things to share with you in the coming months – the first of which is our photoshoot next Friday…. if you think this might indicate we are adding new pieces to the current collection, you’d be right! Stay tuned for some behind the scenes photos next week for your first look of what’s coming!

Win a $100 gift voucher!

sorella & me organic maternity sleepwear gift voucher

Attention all sorellas! It’s time for a competition to celebrate Mother’s Day! Would you like to win a $100 gift voucher to spend on gorgeous sleepwear at the sorella & me online store? Although designed specifically for women who are pregnant or nursing in mind, any woman who is after cosy organic sleepwear can wear & look great in all pieces from the collection.

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