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Part 2: Top 5 tips for Prep Readiness

Today we have Part 2 of our guest post from Kate Davis & Christine Wyatt from Boost Therapy.  If you missed part 1, “Is your child prepped for Prep”, you can check it out here. In Part 1, we asked the question ‘how do you know your child is ready for Prep?’ Kate and Christine helped us understand three key developmental areas we need to consider when thinking about our child’s readiness for Prep. These are: Communication – Speech and language skills to be able to communicate with their teachers and peers. Pre writing skills – the skills children acquire through participating in activities such as drawing, construction, craft and other fiddly tasks. Independence – tasks that children need to be able to do independently in…

Part 1: Is your child Prepped for Prep?

Is your child starting Prep next year? My daughter is and has been quizzing me about it ever since we did a tour of the school recently. Just this morning she said, “I don’t think there will be a mat to sit on, will there Mum? Just big desks?”. I explained to her that I’m pretty sure there will be a sitting area as well as desks, to which she replied, “Oh yeah, because they might like to read us stories!” Apart from some anxiety about whether you think you are ready to be sending them off to school (something I am sure all parents worry about as the day gets closer!), you may also have some concerns about whether they are really ready for…

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to

The days of ‘Pass the Parcel’ (with just the one present at the end), ‘Statues’, ‘Pin the tail on the Donkey’ and a plate of fairy bread are officially over. It seems children’s parties have morphed into a dizzying heights with each party pushing the fun-limits of the one preceding it.  Jumping castles, face painting, fairies, and the most perfectly iced cupcakes. And, if ‘Pass the Parcel’ is played, there must be a present in every layer.  Why? Because we need to teach kids that life is fair and everyone has an equal chance and (more to the point) I really don’t want tears and tantrums.  I want everyone to be happy and have fun, so everyone opens a layer and everyone gets a Freddo…

It’s just a lunchbox for goodness sake!

The back to school dramas dragged out as Alisha took on the budget department store lunchbox aisle – and lost.  A quick whip out to the shops – baby boy needs a lunchbox for Kindy.  Yes, I have left it to the day before to purchase!  I do feel bad.  My daughter had a beautiful Tinkerbell lunchbox when she started Kindy – personalized with her name on it too.  I promised myself he would have all the special things she had…but nevertheless, here I am trying to find him a lunchbox they day before. Oops.

Reluctantly leaving my baby with the snotty nosed coughing kid

It’s that time of year – back to school.  For many parents, facing the first day of school for their little one is a bit of a tear-jerker.  Alisha shares her own story of the first step towards that fateful day.  Her daughter’s first day of day care. This is Little L on day care day 1 All smiles about the pending adventure with her new pink bag My daughter was 18 months when I returned to work. Secretly, I didn’t mind the idea of going back.  I hadn’t fully let go of the career I wanted and I was still uncertain about who I would be if I didn’t have this aspect in my life. She was a pretty good talker early on so…

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