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The girl has a voice

It’s not every day you get to say one of your besties is a rock star – even if in response to that title, this friend would say that’s the most ridiculous thing she has ever heard and end up in a fit of laughter. The laugh is infectious. As is the voice. I’m sitting here in the sorella & me office listening to her EP (which our neighbours also get to hear on repeat most days), and I think if anyone has an EP on iTunes, I have paid good-hard-earned money for it, and I really really love it… then said person meets the definition of Rockstar in my book. Meet Livi Robins. Friends since we were 18, Livi and I lived together in…

Driving with the kid’s music on. With no kids in the car.

I regularly catch myself out driving in the car on my own with the kid’s music on. It amazes me how often I do this.  I quite like children’s music – I’m a little bit in love with Justine Clarke and her ‘Great Big World’.  I sing away with the kids, drop them off at kindy and then continue to work still singing away to her catchy tunes like ‘Dinosaur Roar’.

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