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Fiji – The damage & what they need (it begins with C and ends in ASH)

  So this week I moved house. And in that move I lost 3 boxes full of my most sentimental possessions. They are gone. Precious items my late-grandmother passed, gifts from my friends and family. Treasured items I have collected over the years on my travels and with past loves now gone.   Out of the 28 boxes I moved, they are the very 3 I did not want to lose. They are me. They represent me and the last 15 years of the woman I have become.    But, at the same time this has all transpired, I have also been talking with our production team in Fjij following the cyclone that hit over a week ago.    The people of Fiji have lost…

Sorella Photoshoot 2015: Behind the Scenes

Our regular sorellas will note lots of beautiful new images to our store recently. And this is because we ran photoshoot recently in Sydney!... sorella lounge robe in pink blush (maternity & womens collection) sorella watson tee (mens collection)   The shoot day and seeing the final results has got to be one of the best parts of working in fashion for me. Yep, it's absolutely also really stressful and you have to be incredibly organised right down to the last little detail like an emergency needle and thread, but I ADORE working with such talented creatives (the models, artists, photographer & support crew), and I also love seeing new styles finally come to life - and old favourites re-styled. There's also time for a bit of silly fun.... We shot...

The faces of Sorella: Fashion Revolution – Who Made Your Clothes?

“On 24 April 2013, 1133 people died in the Rana Plaza catastrophe in Dhaka, Bangladesh. A further 2500 were injured. They were killed while working for familiar fashion brands in one of the many ‘accidents’ that plague the garment industry.” – Fashion Revolution Have you seen some of the following images throughout your social media feed over the past couple of weeks? Have you been asking: What do they mean? Why are they asking this question? How does this affect me? 

Everything a first-time mum-to-be needs to know….

There’s a reason we don’t often do Pregnancy & Baby Expos with our maternity collection by sorella organics. They are quite simply too overwhelming, too busy, too noisy, and (in my opinion) consist of just an unbearable amount of information for any one person to take in. With so many brands, in one HUGE venue, it must be so hard to make choices and decisions of what’s best for mum and her family? In fact, I wonder if some mums come out MORE confused than she was when she went in?!! There’s only one Pregnancy Event we are currently a part of, and the reason is simple – it’s a small, beautiful, stress-free event – full of great information and advice so first-time mums don’t have to spend their entire pregnancy…

My life mission: To rid the world of man’s ugly, pilly, baggy track pants and thigh-high polyester shorts

Fathers Day Gift - owens short in evening sky

It’s fathers day in little over 8 days in Australia. Time to celebrate the men in our life. And if your dad is anything like mine (sensitive, grumpy, a little needy, a lot argumentative, and always right…. But also generous, kind-hearted, supportive, totally lovable, and worth enduring the annoying first listed traits) – then might I suggest you avoid risking the ordinary this fathers day? The ordinary being, an ordinary blah blah father’s day gift. My dad always says he doesn’t want anything. But I’ve never seen him turn down a box of Darrell Lea Chocolates come the big day (He has to rely getting those from one of my sisters’ these days though as there are questions whether they ethically source their cacao…. Poor dad). So this year…

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