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Do we talk about Miley, or don’t we?

I get the feeling Miley wants us to talk about her.  But, like a lot of people, I also get the feeling we shouldn’t. That we shouldn’t give the situation oxygen. A couple of weeks on from MTV’s Video Music Awards and the world is STILL talking about her and still twerking to inanimate objects… And she is rolling all the way to the bank (hopefully via some sort of therapy). But then again maybe we should talk about it? Maybe we need to sit and take heed of Miley’s clear public announcement through use of a foam-finger and that tongue that Gen Z – more specifically our girls – clearly need some help. Serious help. A whole truckload of commonsense with a couple of…

When destiny takes hold of your child and shouts “Enjoy the Ride!!”

I grew up around a lot of pushy stage Mums. Luckily I didn’t have one, and I’m determined not to be one! So much so I have held my daughter who is now 5, back from classes or specialist lessons, making a rule with myself that I would wait till she starts school. I grew up in the ‘theatre’. I danced, sang and acted my way through my childhood and teenage years, with a little bit of piano on the side.  I have wonderful memories of my weekends treading the boards (while poor dad sat out in the car waiting).  Like many young girls, this very early became my thing. I knew my whole life what I liked and what I wanted to be. I…

The Lingerie Football League: Professional Sport or Professional Porn?

If you were hoping for a post full of sunshine and rainbows today – unfortunately you’re not going to get it. I have just picked my jaw up off the ground after watching one of the major morning TV shows promote the Lingerie Football League throughout the morning and to be honest, along with many women and men in the twitterverse, I’m not happy about it.

Keeping it in the family

It’s been just over a month since we launched sorella & me organic maternity sleepwear with our online store.  It’s been a big and exciting lead up and now we are seeing our ‘baby’ develop and grow (she is growing up so fast and so many people love her as much as we do! See here and here!). It’s probably no surprise to some people given how much goes into developing, running, and growing a small business, that I often end up dreaming at night about maternity sleepwear, sewing machines, and sometimes even pregnancy (shhh! don’t tell J1!!).  Those who grew up in a family with a small business or now have a business themselves will know that you eat, sleep and breathe your business –…

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