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Celebrating Baby’s 1st Birthday!

It’s Baby M’s 1st Birthday today!

The gorgeous cherub we were lucky to have in our photoshoot last year is Baby M. She was just 2 weeks old at the time and it was her first big outing with mum. We loved having her there for the afternoon – the whole atmosphere of the shoot changed as soon as she arrived. What was a mid-afternoon slump in energy after an action packed 6 hours of shooting, quickly changed pace with the arrival of Baby M still with her yummy new baby smell – there is nothing quite as special as a new baby!

sorella & me photoshoot – behind the scenes

sorella & me photoshoot – behind the scenes

1 year on and Baby M is the sweetest little girl – I’ve witnessed people in the street stare at her, people in elevators goo-and-gaa and wave to her, people in cafes point in her direction and say “Oh my, what a gorgeous little girl!”.  And she is. She seems to have a natural interest in people – which of course means people respond to her because it’s so easy to get a smile or a little wave back. She has a very special ability to make you also feel special – that she likes you and is interested in you.

me & baby M going for a little stroll recently. Cuteness, right?

Baby M’s Mum and Dad have done a fantastic job for their first year of parenting. And that’s why celebrating a child’s first birthday is so special for a family.  Some people say, “It’s just a first birthday, he/she won’t even remember it. Why bother with all the fuss!” But this milestone isn’t really only about the baby – it’s about celebrating the parent’s achievement of making it to 1 year! Through the ups and downs of working out baby’s different cries. The ups and downs of sleep deprivation and still being able to function to care for your baby’s every needs. Through the days on end of living in your pjs and having to schedule in a 2 minute shower – with one ear out of the shower in case he/she needs you. Through the first little bump, fall or knock – and baby surviving.

I think making it to one year is a good time for a parent to give themselves a pat on the back and say “Well, how about that! I’ve done a really great job!”.

Alisha agrees. “For me, particularly for our first child’s 1st birthday, we saw it as a great opportunity to be able to thank everyone with a little get together – all those people – particularly my mum, family and girlfriends – who supported me through my first year of motherhood. It rained, but we all still had fun!”

We thought we would share a couple of happy snaps from Alisha’s1st Birthdays of miss L & master Z…

alisha & miss L, who recently turned 4 years old

Love the gorgeous little boy in the right hand corner of this pic! “I hope no one is looking as I sneak my little fingers in here…” ~ anna

Master Z – now 2 1/2 years old. On his 1st Birthday, Master Z couldn’t believe he spent the first year of his life without ever tasting cake – and was going to make up for every one of those 365 days he had been deprived this joy….. ~ anna

Did you celebrate your little ones first birthday, or have one coming up? What do you think – Do you see it as a special milestone for parents as well as baby?

~ anna

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