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Do we talk about Miley, or don’t we?

I get the feeling Miley wants us to talk about her.  But, like a lot of people, I also get the feeling we shouldn’t. That we shouldn’t give the situation oxygen.

A couple of weeks on from MTV’s Video Music Awards and the world is STILL talking about her and still twerking to inanimate objects… And she is rolling all the way to the bank (hopefully via some sort of therapy).

But then again maybe we should talk about it? Maybe we need to sit and take heed of Miley’s clear public announcement through use of a foam-finger and that tongue that Gen Z – more specifically our girls – clearly need some help.

Serious help. A whole truckload of commonsense with a couple of lessons on gender-equality thrown in for good measure.

Miley Cyrus MTV I could talk about the VMA’s but it’s actually not really the VMAs that worry me the most. Although my eyeballs have been burnt forever with the sight, she got a free pass from me for that episode. Most notably because for some reason public scrutiny didn’t attach her performance at all to the putrid song she was performing to – which directly degrades women and trivializes sexual consent.

That’s right. Where was Robin Thicke’s backlash in all of this?  Was she dancing gyrating alone?

No, it takes 2 to tango baby.

And it takes just a couple of vile men (the song is co-written by Pharrell Williams) to write a song about having sex with a woman against her will and we have a pretty strong message that women are confused when it comes to sex.

You can watch the NSFW Blurred Lines video here (NOT SAFE FOR WORK DESKTOPS!). Or below is a still image to give you the idea of the visual content to match the lovely lyrics.

Dear Robin Thicke

The only thing confusing is you advocating objectification, sexualisation and violence against women. You are talking about rape you arsehole. Of rape.

There is nothing blurry about rape.

Or then again, maybe you completely understand and are proud of the message you are sending. You did say in a GQ Magazine interview:

We tried to do everything that was taboo. Bestiality, drug injections, and everything that is completely derogatory towards women. Because all three of us are happily married with children, we were like, ‘We’re the perfect guys to make fun of this.’

 Oh yeah. Let’s make fun of the degradation of women and more pointedly of rape. Top idea.

Yours forever disgusted,

Women of the world that give a shit

Naked Women. Everywhere. (But of course Thicke is dressed)

Naked Women. Everywhere. (But of course Thicke is dressed)

The song, the performers simulating sex to an audience of impressionable eyes and ears, and my frustration that radio stations continue to support this ‘catchy summer hit’ aside, Miley Cyrus is maintaining her theme of shock til they drop with her latest video for single “Wrecking Ball”. 

I will admit I specifically searched for it once I heard it had been released because I wanted to prove that the VMAs was a moment of misjudgment.  Young people do stupid things and add that to the fact the VMAs are historically known to be an opportunity to hit the headlines, I wanted to believe that she wasn’t really wanting to demonstrate what you might see in soft porn – or what she might do at home, with whoever she chooses without millions of people watching.  I wanted to think that she got a bit carried away in that moment…

But after pressing play on the video within seconds I knew there was no chance. Miley was straddling one giant prop and licking another. In the buff.

FFS Miley.

The video is below… if you are pressed for time, she warms up atop the cold ball after the minute mark:


I just can’t understand what our girls are supposed to think when they watch this?

What motivates a young woman like Miley Cyrus with, without question, huge power and success to feel she has to look and act like this to own it, to maintain it or to perhaps even prove she deserves it?

We all accept that she probably wants to express herself differently to that of her childhood self – as Hannah Montana – and this may be in a way that embraces her feminine self. Perhaps even in a sexual way. Hell, maybe even show a midriff here or there if the occasion calls for it.

She isn’t the only person in the world that is pushing a product (in this case herself) and knows that sex sells a product better than anything.

But does it have to be pornographic, demoralizing, and demeaning to every other woman on the planet?

We got the picture with Kylie’s ‘Spinning Around’ video.  We got the shorts. We got the arse. We got the side-boob. It was sex spinning around and in our faces. We get it.

Kylie Minogue HotpantsBut you don’t have to be mimicking sexual acts in front of anyone and especially not our young girls and boys to be entertaining. You just don’t (well, unless you are a stripper and then it would probably be in your job description. But otherwise, no!).

It makes me sick to my stomach that my 8-year-old niece would be watching this video over her Vegemite toast on a Saturday morning. It scares me to think what would be going through her head – the confusion of why her beloved Hannah Montana has morphed into a hyper-sexualised weirdo.

I hate that this might influence her about how she feels about herself, or how she thinks she is supposed to act when she becomes a young woman.

I’m worried and you should be too.

What are your thoughts? How would you feel if your child watched these videos?

~ anna

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