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Fiji – The damage & what they need (it begins with C and ends in ASH)

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So this week I moved house. And in that move I lost 3 boxes full of my most sentimental possessions.
They are gone. Precious items my late-grandmother passed, gifts from my friends and family.
Treasured items I have collected over the years on my travels and with past loves now gone.
Out of the 28 boxes I moved, they are the very 3 I did not want to lose. They are me. They represent me and the last 15 years of the woman I have become. 
But, at the same time this has all transpired, I have also been talking with our production team in Fjij following the cyclone that hit over a week ago. 
The people of Fiji have lost their homes. And as such, my vintage champagne glasses all of a sudden don’t matter so much.
The very fact that I have a roof attached to 4 walls is enough.
I’m sure those of you that have travelled to Fiji, or have been to other Pacific Islands, appreciate that structures in the villages are basic – and certainly not up to facing Category 5 Cyclones.

Our Fiji team is based in Nadi and fortunately, Winston didn’t pass directly over the town. All staff & their families were fine, thank God. Power was finally returned last weekend, and our staff will return to work next week.

You’ll note from the news and perhaps images through your social media feeds that the damage to the rest of the country has been dire. 

They need cash and they need it now. 

Sorella Organics will be donating $5 from EVERY SALE in the month of March to Oxfam Australia to assist their efforts.

Many of you will know I have previously worked for Oxfam, so I am confident of their strong connections in Fiji and know they will be successfully accessing communities as we speak with relief packages.

I urge you to give any donation you can. Even if that’s just tomorow mornings $4 cup of coffee. Every bit will help the Fijian people – who to be honest, had minimal to start with, but now have nothing.

Let’s help them rebuild and get on with things.

x anna

P.S See below a couple of our pics of our beautiful Fiji staff taken for our Fashion Revolution Campaign last year – Raziya, Illemeleki, & Mereisi










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