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Gettin’ bloggie with it!

sorella & me at the ProBlogger Training Event 2012

If you’ve kept an eye on the sorella & me facebook page over the last few days you would have seen that Anna and I were fortunate to spend two days at the ProBlogger Training Event in Melbourne – getting our bloggie on!! The event brings 300 bloggers of all levels together to learn and network.

Anna and I really enjoy writing the sorella-hood blog and connecting with you all here, sharing our observations on ‘life’, and hopefully providing you a place to have a laugh (at our expense) or learn something new.  We were grateful for the opportunity to find out how do this better by attending the ProBlogger training – it was such a treat to take some time out to listen and learn from the experts in the country… as experts on blogging we certainly are not!

What we perhaps enjoyed the most was meeting lots of fabulous people in the blogging game. Many who have amazing stories to share, are very clever, and are very very funny!

So for a little round-up of our experience, we thought you might like to know a little more about who these people are that dedicate such a big part of their lives writing…. What are bloggers all about?

Here’s what we reckon:

1. Bloggers are generous & inspiring.

They have great advice and experience and are willing to share with others with open arms.  This is unheard of in many areas of life – You rarely have experts in their field so willing to help others succeed. It was incredibly refreshing.

One of the ProBlogger panel of speakers: From left to right, Eden Riley of Edenland; Mrs Woog; of Woogsworld and Lorraine Murphy from blogging agency The Remarkables Group

2. Bloggers feel like old friends

Bloggers feel like good friends you’ve known for ages. They are real people with real stories and they make it easy for you to feel a connection with them. We ‘know’ many virtually and it was wonderful to finally meet them in person, including Nikki from Styling You.

There were lots of chatting ops (usually over lots of food…See point 4)

3. Bloggers have great hair.

Yep. Shiny, well maintained, fabulous hair.

4. Great food is a great way to a bloggers heart.

Many conversations were started around food – either actually eating it, or discussing how amazing food (generally) is!

Heavenly Chocolate Brownie Cupcakes

5. Bloggers are firm-friends with other very talented people.

Which sometimes comes in handy when looking for an amazing food experience, a few bubbles and a charming waiter to look after you (as Nathalie Brown of Easy Peasy Kids found out!).

We had a smashing dinner at Shane Delia’s Maha Bar & Grill – www.mahabg.com.au. This is Shane in action – and those are some of the best oysters ever eaten.

6. Other bloggers can be great fill-in sisters (sorellas!).

The Aunties filled in for our 2 sisters, and we filled in for theirs!

The Aunties

7. Bloggers have great shoes.

Fabulous shoes were definitely on parade – EVERYWHERE. We were salivating.

Fabulous shoes were out in force led by Sarah Wilson & Andrea of Fox in Flats

8. Bloggers have a contagious positive attitude.

Darren Rowse – the ProBlogger himself – reminded us that every one of us has the potential to DO something great. From little things, big things grow. Great advice for any area of life.

Daren Rowse: “From little things, big things grow”. We certainly all felt pretty small sitting in an empty Etihad Stadium

 9. Bloggers can make you star-struck.

Anna has gushed about Sarah Wilson numerous times in the sorella-hood before (see here and here). She adores her – but was too overwhelmed by her physical presence to approach her and say hi! So just took a million photos of her instead. It was funny!

Sarah Wilson - Speaking at the Problogger training event

The always impressive Sarah Wilson

So that was our experience. If anyone is reading this that we met and shared a laugh and a cup of tea/vino with – thank you! We had a ball!

If you are interested in blogging, you can buy a virtual pass to obtain all the recordings and slides of the event – see the ProBlogger icon in our side menu on the home page or go to the Problogger website. And we certainly recommend checking out the bloggers we listed above for some fantastic reading! We have also got a few more to add to our blogroll including – Lipstick & Cake and Hung Up On Retro!

Do you follow a great blog you could share with our blogging fans?

~ alisha

sorella & me at the ProBlogger Training Event 2012

Anna (left) and me (right) all smiles at the Problogger training event.

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