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Getting snap happy

Chris Garbacz Photography sorella & me

My husband and I were cleaning out the garage on the weekend and we found an underwater camera from our honeymoon with film that had never been processed. It’s been sitting in a box for 6 years! We must have bought one for our day snorkeling – I just can’t wait to see what is on it….

Alisha taking some photos for sorella & me

Photography these days has become pretty instantaneous. Gone are the days of the good old Kodak 24 Film treating every single exposure like a thread of saffron – too expensive to waste willy nilly – so you save them up and pray the lighting was good enough for that all important moment you were trying to capture.

When you do finally get to the end of the film, it’s so long since the end of the last one that you can’t actually remember how to safely roll the film back. It’s at this point you search all ends of the house to try and find the camera manual. When you think the film is safely tucked back into it’s canister, you then need to find some time to get to the Chemist to have it processed (I’m still trying to figure out why Chemist’s were the gatekeepers for processing?).

Then, you wait.

You wait with fingers crossed over the coming (unreasonably lengthy) 5-7 days that the processing guy overlooks how drunk you appear to be in the ones taken at the Big Day Out.

You finally get them back, and when you do half of them are either over-exposed, under-exposed, missing the key person or landmark in the shot, or just pretty ordinary.

It’s no wonder we embraced the digital age with two hands and a massive sense of relief.  With it came a snap-happy approach to life, full blown creative expression, and the ability to snap, re-snap, delete, and snap again to our hearts content to make sure we got the perfect shot.

Anna and I have come to really love photography. We have both done short courses and have really enjoyed learning the ins and outs of our cameras, processing, and new software over the last few years.

This is probably why Anna revealed here that the most rewarding aspect of sorella & me to date has been the collection’s fashion shoot. We were able to view our garments on two beautiful women and place our vision in the hands of an absolute expert in his field, Chris Gabacz, and witness him work his magic. If you have a chance, check out his amazing work.

Chris Garbacz Photography sorella & me

Chris Garbacz hard at work for the sorella & me fashion shoot

We also love the work of a wonderfully talented Sunshine Coast photographer Annie from Funky Photography.

She has an amazing portfolio of beautiful images. I love in particular her pregnant and new baby photos.  I would have loved to have done a pregnancy shoot when I was pregnant.  At the time I really didn’t feel all that glamorous, but it would be nice to have something a step above my husbands photos that were taken in the backyard!

Annie has kindly shared some of her images with us:

Image by Funky Photography - sorella & me maternity sleepwear

Image by Funky Photography - sorella & me maternity sleepwear

Image by Funky Photography for sorella & me maternity sleepwear blog post

Aren’t they lovely?

While we wish we had the time (and talent!) to really give photography a red hot go we will instead leave it to the professionals and just enjoy our playing around. You can find some of our happy snaps on Instagram (username is sorellaandme), and we also love admiring beautiful images via Pinterest We’d love to follow you if are also on either Instagram or Pinterest – let us know below in the comments section!

Did you have professional pregnancy or new baby photos taken? ~ alisha


  • Ahhh the good old 24 film, so funny Leash! I had some photos taken when I was pregnant with Willow. Never had them done with Lochie and Sonny so it was even more special. The amazing Melissa Kniepp did my hair and make up and the very talented Laura Maxwell worked her magic with the camera. They took some amazing shots and came back when Willow was 5 weeks to take photos of the whole family. I will treasure the photos forever, they are so beautiful and Laura and Melissa are so super talented! Dan has just got into instagram, he is loving playing with the light, colours etc. His username is ‘de1972’ 🙂

    Deb xxx

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  • Hi Deb. Such a great idea to also have hair and make-up done by a professional such as Melissa and Laura, because we often don’t feel all that glamourous at different stages of pregnancy (particularly the throwing up in the toilet stage!) There is something about a glowing pregnant woman that is just so beautiful and babies change and grow so quickly, it’s so great to be able to capture each stage so easily x

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