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Holiday-induced shopping: The credit-card coma. The regrets. The unworn souvenirs.

Good morning Miss Empire State! Our view from our Union Square apartment

So I am back from holidays in the States and (as all Australian’s who have done the LA flight + NYC connection will appreciate) I’m struggling with a little jet-lag. I can now finally relate to all those mothers out there who are up to their children regularly throughout the night – I’ve been sitting bleary eyed in the cold dark quiet of the house wondering if I should buy an Ab-Circle Pro. It really does seem like quite a good deal?

We had a great trip but it seems I may have disappointed many of my friends (and sisters) on my lack of shopping acquisitions.

To be fair, I did have grand plans of hitting the pavements of Manhattan with the determination of an Olympic gold medalist (inspired by this lovely blogger). I visualized the sales assistants crawling over themselves to get to me on seeing my credit card already in hand, willing itself to be swiped as soon as I entered the door.

I saw myself ditching the subway due to the mountains of bags looped over my arm – the huge load would almost need its own taxi.

I saw myself explaining to J1 when I got home that “You just don’t understand. They were so cheap! I couldn’t NOT buy them!”

But, depressingly, it simply wasn’t to be. It turned out to be the kind of trip where we practically became locals (and it seemed the locals didn’t have a job to go to, so instead worked hard at hanging about looking fabulous – so we fit right in: minus the fabulous part).

We were staying in a friend’s apartment right on Union Square which was perfect for soaking up the life of a local new Yorker (or Australian Expat* – see foot note below – there seemed to be many).

So my ‘shopping time’ was stolen buy a lot of (pretty bad) decaf lattes, lining up at hipster restaurants for what seemed like hours, sitting in the sun eating ice cream (which I loved even more knowing it was 6 degrees back home), watching a couple of innings at Yankee Stadium, drinking Old Fashions at all hours of the evening, and playing the game of ‘spot the designer dog’.

Dogs of New York: Designer dogs & their equally hip Designer owners

OK, I will admit – I wasn’t completely shopping-sober, I did have a small crack at pushing my luggage limit by stumbling into the occasional boutique. Perhaps the best purchase, a pair of Jimmy Choos on sale at Saks for under 200 clams!

Everyone woman deserves a little bit of Choo

The Jimmy’s aside, I do have some regrets of not getting more bargains that I could cheekily-gloat about on my return. However as one shopping-loving friend noted about my non-shopping holiday and avoidance of credit card burnout:

“Sometimes it’s just what you need, rather than schlepping all over town to spend your money on things you’ll probably never wear but buy just because of where you are – I have a Betsey Johnson leopard print coat to prove it”.

Of course she is right. Guilty as charged. I used to live in Canberra for a while and on a rare trip out of political jail to Melbourne I acquired a certain ‘sparkly dress’. I knew I’d never wear it – but it was the life (and the city) that went with the dress that I desperately wanted… Anyone who knows me knows I DON’T DO SEQUINS (or puff sleeves!!!!) Gawd!

Guilty: The sparkly-dress

So I guess I’ll just have to do the ‘New York Shopping Thing’ next time – perhaps with a gaggle of girls for solid encouragement.

*One of our Aussie, New York based, friends said there are so many Australians now in New York there has been an acronym developed by the locals – “JAFA: “Just Another Fucking Australian”. How pleasant!

Are you a die-hard holiday shopper? Any stories of disaster purchases that seemed like a good holiday-induced idea at the time?

~ anna

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