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I confess. I find it hard to get completely nude.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you walk into the ground floors of major department stores, don’t you think?

Dazzling lights. Floor to ceiling images of photoshopped glamazons with ethereal skin staring with judgement at your dull epidermis. Their faces represent the health I crave.

I want that frigging glow dammit.

So you find yourself pulled into the beauty vortex, the assistant with her hands inappropriately all over your face.  Your phobia of abused personal space is pushed to its limits. She’s talking AT you as if you are some sort of recluse given your lack of knowledge on the importance of niacinamide and hyaluronic acid.

And you leave, feeling slightly inadequate and definitely overwhelmed, but somewhat hopeful armed with a stash of samples containing that scientific-blah-blah-skin amazaballs-technology that the assistant seemed so convinced would leave you with the skin of Cate Blanchette. (Can I get that promise in writing please?)

I have been known to be sucked in by these claims of miraculous wonder-creams.

Even with the development of my organic sleepwear label sorella & me, and a growing passion for prioritising natural and preferably organic products in my day where possible, I have realised I have been letting myself down in the beauty department. I dabble in the world of going nude with beauty, but only when convenient and only within my comfort zone.

The realization makes me feel like a big organic phony.

Which is why this week’s campaign for Natural Beauty Week, headed up by the College of Natural Beauty and model Amanda Rootesy as ambassador, has struck a nerve with me.  Perhaps making the switch to natural (the campaign’s slogan) is easier to do than I fear? Perhaps I have actually come closer to being a la naturale than I think I have?

I raid my bathroom drawers for evidence.

What’s immediately clear is that I am a sucker for a ‘gift with purchase’.

But I press on.

Oh look here! (I say to myself). Hello Chanel Le Vernis in Rouge Noir! It’s been a little while since we’ve hung out hasn’t it?…Oh wait. No Chanel! We mustn’t! Get out of my way you toxic vixen you….

{Damn I love that colour}.

the infamous rouge noir by chanel

the infamous rouge noir by chanel

Past Chanel, behind MAC, and under Laura Mercier I find some hope.  Alas, it’s the evidence I need to prove I actually have been making a conscious effort to go natural over their toxic ridden friends…

Here’s what my natural beauty stash currently looks like:

Natural Beauty productsLet me break it down for you:

1. Fake Bake

Eco TanI’m sickly pale.  I’m the kind of pale that people ask if I am ok because I look like I’m going to faint. So fake tan is my best friend.

Eco Tan is one of the only natural options I have tried so far and I’m pretty happy with the colour. Anything has got to be better than frying yourself stupid or putting those nasty chemicals on your skin (I’m looking at you and your bronzed beautiful self ‘St Tropez’. I should have broken up with you years ago).

2. Nails

If you are going to paint your nails (and let’s face it, we really probably shouldn’t), it should be with something without the 3 big no no’s – Formaldehyde; Dibutyl Phthalate; and Toluene.

That means no Chanel Rouge Noir.  No OPI Cajun Shrimp.  No Essie Mademoiselle. No Revlon Love that Red.

I know. This is a freaking tough one. We should start a support group to all grieve together.

Butter London have developed quite a lot since I first found them and now have a huge range including nail strengtheners, bottom and top coats, and most importantly, they are doing well to keep up with colour trends.

But a side note – There are actually better natural options on the market than Butter London because it still contains ethyl acetate. So I plan to try a few others like Acquarella and Scotch Naturals. Will keep you updated on how they go!

3. Rose Hip Oil

I use this as a face & neck serum under my moisturiser. Have been doing so for a couple of years and I really think it has made a difference to my skin texture. It’s especially great through winter. There are heaps of brands on the market – I am going to to a bit more research into which brands have a transparent ethical supply chain for when I am needing to re-purchase, because being organic is important but being fair and environmentally sustainable absolutely pulls at my heart strings.

4. Face Cleanser

KORA CleanserI can’t tell you how hard it’s been to give up my old skin-care routine. I discovered a certain brand in my 20’s and it was the savior of my occasional break out problems. I was actually lulled under the pretense that it was natural – an example of clever packaging using the words “purity”.

But I was motivated to move on and try KORA a couple of months ago when I ran out of my old faithful. I don’t know if Miranda will impress me or not – there does seem to be a long list of ingredients? We will have to give it a bit more time but so far so good.

All going well, I will probably invest in her Hydrating Moisturiser to match.

5. Hand wash

Hand wash is used multiple times everyday so it makes total sense to use one that’s sulphate and paraben free. Right? I like the smell and consistency of this one by Sukin.

6. Sweet Almond Oil

A fantastic oil I combine with sugar or salt for a great body scrub. So easy and so affordable.

7. Coconut Oil

Still on the body (and sometimes for the hair!) this is the only stuff that sees me through winter. I don’t care what fluffy ingredients brands try to convince me will soothe, protect, and hydrate my skin.  This is the only thing that works for me. Ever. Full stop.

And I get to smell like a Pina Colada as a side bonus.

8. TOM Tampons

Ok probably more ‘hygiene’ than ‘beauty’ but it’s worth me taking the opportunity to lecture inform you on this one important must for your bathroom:

Tom TamponsDo I really need to ask you why you are using tampons that are made from conventional cotton that has been sprayed with chemicals known to be carcinogens?

Give your vagina some love and DO NOT put anything in there that’s not organic. For the sake of an extra dollar or two – please do this one thing for your body if nothing else!


So that’s my current list. It’s not such a bad start to get fully nude is it?  But what’s strikingly missing you might note is of course facepaste.

I need natural make up.

Can you help?  I want to know about your foundations, eye shadows, mascaras and lippies that have some integrity when it comes to natural beauty.  Please share in the comments below if you can help! 🙂

Yours truly in the buff,

~ anna

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