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I’m chicken of chicken

The Nutrition Guru & The Chef

Sometimes I look at raw chicken and I think: You look weird. You look a bit too complex. You look like you should have your feathers on. You look cold & miserable. Clinically depressed even. I’m sorry, but I just can’t handle you (physically or mentally)…

After 12 months of living & working in Vietnam, you would think I would be good a handling birds. It was a daily occurrence for the girls from the house opposite mine to be out on the footpath, squatting down with their machetes chopping their bird of choice – preparing it for any number of dishes for the day.

Bird for breaky. Bird for lunch. Bird for dinner.

But over-exposure in this way didn’t help how chicken I was of chicken.  Especially because at the time, the non-profit I was working for was running a Bird Flu prevention program. There was just too much bird in my day, every day – and it made me icky.

The closest thing to a chicken I can cope with is Foghorn Leghorn – he’s a rooster! image via warner brothers

However I face a conundrum – I have consistently read that chicken soup is one of the most nourishing things you can have – full of mineral goodness. Sarah Wilson is particularly a big fan, and for me what she says goes. Seriously. Her advice via her blog has a significant impact on me achieving a more positive health status in the last couple of years (and let’s be honest, she is a pretty good physical advocate. I’d kiss 10 raw chickens daily if it meant I’d somehow get glowing skin like hers…).

It wasn’t until I had a reply to my post on Tuesday from the fabulous Nutrition Guru & the Chef, did I really contemplate rolling up my sleeves and taking on my fear of chicken via a trusty chicken soup. It had always looked too hard to me. It required a lot of handling of a lot of chicken (and I have already told you….).

But, in the name of health – and Jeff (the Chef) and Tara (the Nutrition Guru) also agree it’s simply fabulous for your immunity – Chicken Soup you are mine to conquer!

Tara & Jeff have kindly allowed us to share their recipe today and it looks very do-able to me. Kind of ‘chop’, ‘chuck’, and ‘let it do its thang’ approach – which is my kind of cooking.

 The Nutrition Guru & the Chef’s Immune Boosting Chicken Soup

The Nutrition Guru & The Chef

Tara & Jeff suggest poking the chicken down under the veggies so us chickens-of-chicken don’t have to see it! Good tip! Now to find a burly bloke to get it from the fridge to the pot….

Into a large pot, THROW (with good aim):

  • Approximately 1 kg of (organic & free range please!) chicken necks, or chicken drumsticks. Any type of chicken you can get your hands on with bone. The minerals will be drawn out of the bone and into the soup to make it super nutritious. We buy chicken necks for about $4 per kilo at our local supermarket, or you can ask your butcher. Note: Cook the soup until the meat is falling off the bone. Remove the chicken necks from the soup, and using a fork, shred the meat from the bone. discard the bones and add the pulled meat back into the soup.
  • 1 whole knob of peeled garlic.
  • 4 whole onions (peeled and cut into quarters)
  • 3 whole carrots unpeeled, chopped
  • 5 stalks of celery chopped
  • 5 spring onions. Remove the roots, and chop into 5 cm pieces.
  • Handful of goji berries
  • 1 palm sized knob of peeled ginger sliced roughly.
  • Use up all your half soggy veges that are in the fridge. Half an uneaten tomato? Throw it in! 1 shrivelled zuchinni? Throw it in!


  • Put the soup onto a low heat. Cover with lid. Watch the temperature very closely in the beginning. small bubbles should slowly and softly be breaking the surface. If the soup is boiling, the heat is too high.
  • Leave slowly bubbling for 2 hours, up to 4 hours. You may need to skim and discard the top of the soup as the meat proteins raise to the top.
  • Taste the soup, and add a sprinkling of salt, soy sauce or chicken stock powder if required.
  • With tongs, remove the chicken necks from the soup. Pick the meat from the bones and add the meat back into the soup. Or, leave the necks in the soup and serve as is for people to eat from the bone.
  • Eat it all up! If you can, eat the ginger, garlic and onion pieces to REALLY get the most out of the soup.

You can also strain this soup, and freeze it for all natural and delicious chicken stock to be used in all your cooking.

Add cooked noodles if you wish for a totally satisfying, nutritionally complete dish.

And say….’catcha later cold and flu’ KAPOW!

Promise me if you make this delicious soup that you head over to Tara & Jeff’s blog and let them know how you went! For me, I particularly love the double-whammy of stock for the freezer. Bonus!

And of course check out their many other great recipes and tips for great health while you are there! They tell me there will be another yummy winter soup recipe up this week!

Do you have a fabulous chicken soup recipe? Tell us your secret!

~ anna


  • Love how you write Anna. It must have been all that practice when writing the Hannan Nose. I am going to make this soup. I also love Sarah Wilson. And I love this blogging world. Loved reading your “sister” article. It takes courage to follow your heart. Take Care. x Sue

    • Oh thanks so much Sue. Really kind of you to take the time to write and let me know! Yes, blogs are a fabulous invention. I’ve been enjoying Sophie’s new blog! She is a talented little one… Hope you are well x

  • Anna,
    I have enjoyed reading your blog, this one especially. I was, only the other day, praising my Mum on her fantastic chicken soup. I always put in my order for a batch when I start to feel a little under the weather.
    You have a great business and I admire what you are doing. Keep up the great work!

    • Wow Kat! Thanks so much – lovely to hear! I will have to give Peta some sort of commission for increasing my readership! I could pay her in pyjamas!… You’re so lucky to have your mum available for soup making! I would do the same if we lived in the same state!

      Hope you and alex are doing well. Pete tells me you are amazing with your approach to organics. Perhaps we should have you on as a guest blogger to share your tips?! x anna

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