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It’s a very pink day today. And it’s fabulous!

Today is ‘Pink Day’ at my “other job” when not working on sorella & me…as secondary school teacher!

Seeing 14-year-old boys with balloons for breasts and wearing pink bras, I’ll admit, makes me feel a little uneasy (!)… But their dress-ups and spirit is heart-warming and for a great cause – we are fundraising for Breast Cancer research as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And today, I remember my beautiful Aunty who lost her young life to Breast Cancer.

sweet pink ribbon biscuits!

The day started with a Pink themed breakfast created and served by the Year 11 Hospitality Students. There is pink everywhere! You’d be surprised how many shades of pink there actually are!!

delicious muesli & yoghurt

What a wonderful vibe to start the school day – food, colour, music and fantastic outfits. I even spotted someone dressed up as a whoopee cushion… it was a staff member!

I can’t remember this kind of fun at the start of a school day when I was a student.  We did have free dress days for various fundraisers where we donated a gold coin, but that was all it involved. These kids know exactly what they are helping raise money towards – and their enthusiasm to plan the event and participate is so lovely to watch.

pink drinks!

Sometimes teaching teenagers can be ‘challenging’ and I always get asked how I have the patience to do it! However most days, especially days like today, it is such a joy to be seeing the next generation at their best, and encouraging them to be ‘good people’ and contribute to their community through events like today.

My beautiful Year 7 Drama students –  always more than happy to pose on the stage (especially if the fairy lights are on!) Can you spot me?

Maybe it’s just a good excuse for hormone-raging teenage boys to have ‘boobs’ for the day, and girls to be sparkly fairies and get away with it without so much of a blink of an eye – but at least they are having fun and donating to a great cause while doing so.

It’s shoes off in the Drama studio…. many shades of glorious pink!

~ alisha

Did you hold a fundraising event for Pink Ribbon Day or any time during October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month? We would love to hear about it…

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