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It’s just a lunchbox for goodness sake!

The back to school dramas dragged out as Alisha took on the budget department store lunchbox aisle – and lost. 

Lunch Box for back to schoolA quick whip out to the shops – baby boy needs a lunchbox for Kindy.  Yes, I have left it to the day before to purchase!  I do feel bad.  My daughter had a beautiful Tinkerbell lunchbox when she started Kindy – personalized with her name on it too.  I promised myself he would have all the special things she had…but nevertheless, here I am trying to find him a lunchbox they day before. Oops.

Ok focus. Blue would do.  He likes blue.  I could put a sticker on it.

Looking….Ben 10 ? He’s only 2…he doesn’t know who Ben 10 is. Spiderman? No.

And there in front of me is what feels like the Taj Mahal of gawdy lunchboxes.  They all look the same with a variance on a harsh colour scheme. Black. Red. Black again. Orange. More black!!!!

It looks like someone threw up on them, or let loose with a spray can and experimented with their version of ‘graffiti art’.   I feel like I need a pair of sunglasses on to even look at them.  I sympathise with the women next to me who is clearly in a similar predicament. Am I being fussy? These are probably ok for a 10 year old, but not for my baby boy. Isn’t there a plain blue one here somewhere?


We have a local homewares shop that I’m sure will have lovely ones, but I would have to try and coordinate my husband to take over the kids – I couldn’t face being in a shop full of breakable lovely things with 2 kids so late in the afternoon.  So that means I am forced to the big ‘budget’ department store where there this less chance for damage to be done by adventurous hands.

I can’t do it.

I text my girlfriend out of disbelief who reveals she experienced the same problem. She said she ended up driving to the larger shopping centre 30 minutes away, and raced between numerous stores before finding something decent.

Back to the car.

No lunchbox, and by the way no nap-time sheets either. I just wanted something not overly expensive for Kindy, they certainly didn’t need to be fancy. But the store only had flannelette. What the? It’s bloody Summer!

No lunchbox.  No sheets.  No drink bottle.  No happy me.

I’ll have to settle with digging through the old stuff in the kitchen just for tomorrow, and I’ll head to the local store (which I should have supported in the first place had I been organized), for something simple and nice!

Anyone want to go into producing nice lunchboxes for kids (particularly for boys)? There’s a hole in the market!

How was your shopping experience in preparation for the School/Kindy year?


  • Alisha, I can totally relate to this and have just experienced it myself. Firstly I needed two lunch boxes for the tiny tots for childcare, but not the insulated type as they go in the fridge. Had a little luck with that because I accidentally ran across the perfect type at the IGA when I was buying some bread. Great colours and compartments. The insulated one for the Prepster was a whole different story so I assume these are the ones you refer to because I ended up getting the very pink girly swirly spray paint looking option that I have since realized about 1/3 of the kids have – so her name is written really large across the front 🙂

    • Hi Reg, It seems silly but appears to be a common scenario among my mums group! A job they expected to be so simple turned into a mission!! I will be shopping for lunch boxes for the school year in December in future!!

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