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It’s time to give your ‘Mum Uniform’ a comfortable but stylish overhaul

Sitting at the Brisbane airport recently waiting for a flight, I (for a change) was early and this gave me plenty of time to ‘people watch’. Boy there are some colourful characters in the world! It instantly became a reminder for me not to get caught up in the safe world of “mummy fashion”.  You know the style – the good old comfy uniform of ballet flats, slouchy tee, skinny jeans and swipe of lip gloss.

It always looks good, but let’s face it, it’s certainly “safe”.

There’s nothing like sitting in an airport and a trip to the big smoke to remind us folk from smaller, often more relaxed and casual pastures, that just because you’re 30 plus (plus a bit more!) and a mum who has to be able to chase children and lift them up and down without having a Kath and Kym moment of underwear on display, doesn’t mean we have to always play it safe. Style CAN equal comfort.

My attention was drawn to a woman with an Audrey Hepburn-type look – in what you could consider a safe ensemble with a black trench, black skinny pants with ankle zips and black flats. However, to my surprise she had a massive red rose tattoo on the top of her foot. It gave her an edge to what I would otherwise consider very classic safe styling.

Perhaps I should get a tattoo?

Audrey Hepburn: Queen of Ballet Flats

There was a stunning 30-something woman sitting behind me whose coral-coloured jeans were to die for. Teamed with an oversized long cardi and small heeled booties she actually looked really comfortable – but definitely stylish.

If mum of 2 Gweneth can manage her luggage while in a bootie, perhaps I can manage a pram? Although these do look too much on the high side for the local shops …. Another style point to note – one cannot underestimate the handbag-factor for upping the mummy style ante! (image via fabsugar).

Then there was a beautiful woman of perhaps Indian heritage playing a hand/rhyme game with her young daughter. Geez did mum do colour and accessories well! They were bold and they were beautiful!

I’m generally pretty obsessed with trends and fashion. Online shopping has helped mums like me access otherwise out-of-reach trends, and great for those who find heading to the shops with babes too overwhelming to be bothered.  There are some inspiring women out there providing great how-to guides too.  A sorella & me favourite being Fox in Flats who Anna and I were fortunate to meet at the recent ProBlogger Conference.  Starstruck? Slightly! If you haven’t been following her blog, you are seriously missing out! Her tagline is “Navigating motherhood in style” so definitely a place for us mummies to get the know-how to overhaul our style.

I finally arrive at my destination and find some ‘me’ time to wander the plethora of choice in the Melbourne shops. After much deliberating of their practicality, I do invest in a lovely pair of heels to bring home – a purchase to ensure I’m not slipping in the fashion stakes, but also because I NEED them for my occasional mummies-night-out! I’m not an expert, but I don’t think flats while drinking fabulous cocktails quite go together so in these cases I’ll don the heels!!

{ A final note – while I’ll aim to start being braver with mixing up my wardrobe and thinking outside the box on comfort, one thing I will not compromise on is my relax-mode uniform of sorella & me pieces and ugg boots…There’s a time and place for everything! }

~ alisha

Have you got any tips for staying stylishly comfy, but also moving with the latest trends?

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