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Just Do It! Top 10 Questions asked when planning a family adventure!

Packing the kids up for an overnighter, or even a day out always seems like such a big task.  Do I really need to take all this stuff??!!! The logistics of car seats, strollers, bedding, food and all the rest can be daunting, let alone organising a simple bag so I can easily locate hats, sunscreen and wipes!

Getting to the destination is one thing – then there is the actual heading out and exploring. What can we do that they kids will enjoy? How do we know a certain activity will suit our family’s needs?

Our friends at Do It Tour (Australia’s best online tour and experience booking company) have agreed to guest blog this week and have provided some tips and advice for booking a family tour – which may help alleviate the unknown and encourage families to get out and explore with their little ones. 

So over to Renai from Do It Tour, and their Top 10 questions asked by families wishing to take their children on an adventure!


As an online tour booking agent, and a mother, I know how exciting it can be booking and planning your next family getaway. With limited opportunity for holiday extravagances most of us want to make sure that we have the best opportunity to really enjoy ourselves… including the children!

So how do you make sure that your children’s needs are catered for?

I have put together a list of the Top 10 questions I am commonly asked by families wishing to take their children on a day tour, day cruise or adventure experience.  I hope they are helpful for assisting you plan your next family adventure!

A side note – I’ve tried my best to keep them general because we have 1300 tours Australia wide that we offer on Do It Tour! If you have any specific questions about any of our tours, please don’t hesitate to contact me – Ph0404 404 357; www.doittour.com.

1. Can you accommodate strollers on a tour?

Many tours accommodate compact strollers however many smaller transfer vehicles do not have luggage compartments and you will be required to store your collapsed stroller in your allocated seating area (eg. under your feet).

image source: Do It Tour

image source: Do It Tour

2. Is this experience suitable for children of ‘x’ age/s?

There are many tours that allow children to travel, but do not necessarily recommend

bringing children due to safety or comfort reasons. These are important to know to ensure you can enjoy yourself as a family.

3. Do you offer family prices and deals?

Some tours offer a cheaper family rate where there are 2 paying adults and 2 children (generally aged between 4 and 14). This often allows one child to travel free or at a reduced rate.

4. If my infant is free will they receive the full offer?

Where an infant is booked free there is generally not the full offer included. For example, if transport is required a seat may not be allocated unless there is spare seating on the day and the child is required to travel on an adults lap. Tour meals are generally not allocated for infants – so usually you will need to BYO, or share your own meal.

5. Will it be a long day? 

Tours are often a very long day. I recommend taking a stroller for smaller children and coordinating nap times where possible with certain legs of the outing (eg, during the lunch break). Some tours offer half day options or early departure / early return options and these are ideal with children!

Top Australian Destinations (source: Do It Tour)

Top Australian Destinations (source: Do It Tour)

6. Is food included, what is it and can I buy additional food and drinks?

Generally food included on tours is buffet style and includes a range of meats, salads and bread or picnic/sandwich packs so that children can select what they prefer to eat. Always take spare snacks and drinks for the kiddies to ensure they are happy.

 7. What child safety restraints are available on-board?

Just because you have paid a child price or the tour invites infants onboard, does not mean that child restraints are available or able to be used (eg if you bring your own). Many tour vehicles are licensed to carry unrestrained children, the same as a taxi or bus. Some smaller operators refuse to take children under 7 as they do not have the child restraints or facilities in vehicles to fit them however a rare few actually supply child restraints if requested. Just ask when booking your tour.

8. What is the minimum age for this activity?

Some tours offer a minimum age for a child to participate in all or some activities. Believe it or not, children can now even skydive and scuba dive from 12 years old!

Depending on the activities offered many activities allow children to participate as long as an adult accompanies them.

Do It Tour offers discounted tickets to the Melbourne Aquarium - which my kids LOVED! (image sorella & me)

Do It Tour offers discounted tickets to the Melbourne Aquarium – which my kids LOVED! (image sorella & me)

9. What is the maximum age for FOB (free-on-board) children?

Many tours allow children under 4 to travel free of charge (often without food or seating allocation though).  This is dependent on the tour operator and tour however.

10. Do you have children and have you taken them on tours?

Yes – I am blessed to have a few little ones of my own (ages 2, 4 and 5) and have had the chance to experience many of our tours – when the children were at the baby, toddler, and now a ‘bit bigger’ stages. I’m always happy to share our experiences and assist with recommending tours to suit your family.

You can find all our tours and book directly via our our website www.doittour.com. You can also find us on facebook and twitter.

Happy adventures!

Thanks so much to Renai for sharing these great tips with the sorella-hood! If you have any questions for Renai feel free to leave them below, or contact her directly via Ph: 0404 404 357 or email info@doittour.com.

source: Do It Tour

source: Do It Tour

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