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In the world of fashion, which can often go hand in hand with environmental degradation and abuse of human rights, the story behind the clothes matters.

sorella organics is an independent Australian label by Anna McGregor.

Housing a collection of sleepwear and loungewear for men, women, and maternity, Anna sources the softest certified organic and fair trade cotton ensuring each piece is kind on the skin, kind to the environment, and kind to the farmers growing the cotton.

The collection is made in both Australia and Fiji.

With Anna’s background in International Community Development with non-profit organisations including Oxfam and Care Australia, the opportunity to work in Fiji has been hugely rewarding. Anna has spent over 3 years up-skilling workers at all stages of production – from cutting, to sewing, and finishing. By committing to building capacity, and being patient with small, slow production runs, the vision has been to not only produce high quality pieces for sorella, but to increase worker’s capacity to partner with other Australian labels – thereby contributing to sustainable employment.

Anna is proud to have been awarded honorary membership to Ethical Fashion Forum’s Fellowship 500 (an industry body for sustainable fashion) recognising sorella organic’s commitment to sustainable and ethical fashion. She is devoted to continue to learn and improve all elements of sorella’s supply chain to reduce environmental impact and become a leader in ethical fashion in Australia.

Read more about our story and why Anna believes organic & fair trade cotton is the best option here. And find out more about the support Fiji needs from us as their Australian neighbours here and here.

“We all love to wear clothes that make us feel good. As consumers we can also choose clothes that make us feel good about the difference we make to other people’s lives, and the environment. You are making a big difference with your purchase with us – so, thank you for choosing our small independent label and organic & fair trade cotton” – anna

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