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Sorella Photoshoot 2015: Behind the Scenes

Our regular sorellas will note lots of beautiful new images to our store recently. And this is because we ran photoshoot recently in Sydney!…

Pearl Robe 3

sorella lounge robe in pink blush (maternity & womens collection)


sorella watson tee (mens collection)


The shoot day and seeing the final results has got to be one of the best parts of working in fashion for me. Yep, it’s absolutely also really stressful and you have to be incredibly organised right down to the last little detail like an emergency needle and thread, but I ADORE working with such talented creatives (the models, artists, photographer & support crew), and I also love seeing new styles finally come to life – and old favourites re-styled.

There’s also time for a bit of silly fun….

Anna and chris

anna and chris 2

We shot in Sydney this time with such a fab team with some old but mostly new faces!

  • Photographer: Simon Cardwell
  • Hair & Make Up artist: Sahra Bull from Ferarri Creative
  • Support crew including my good friend Caitlin (thank you lovely lady! Couldn’t have done it without you!)
  • And the pre & post-production Queensland sorella team for garment prep, styling advice, and final image selections

We usually put together a behind-the-scenes video of the day (see here and here), but being interstate this time meant I had a little too much going on with the logistics side of things, so we only managed a bit of i-phone action! Lucky I had the talented support of my friend Adam to help string together some of the less-wobbly footage for me to share with you. Thank you Adam! Your patience and IT-wizardry is greatly appreciated!

So, take a little peek. It’s a great way for you to see what the garments look like on a moving model, while also seeing what it’s like at shoot.  And a side note – even though Chris was yawning at 1.17mins, I promise you it was not THAT boring, just early… and don’t worry, he found ways to keep himself amused…

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 6.49.02 pm copy

See the video below, & enjoy!

xo anna

MUSIC: “Eyes” by Castlecomer



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