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It’s a very pink day today. And it’s fabulous!

Today is ‘Pink Day’ at my “other job” when not working on sorella & me…as secondary school teacher! Seeing 14-year-old boys with balloons for breasts and wearing pink bras, I’ll admit, makes me feel a little uneasy (!)… But their dress-ups and spirit is heart-warming and for a great cause – we are fundraising for…

The journey continues for a courageous friend of the sorella-hood: Living with the BRACA1 Gene (Part 2)

October is Australia’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month – a time to show support for women, men, and their families who are affected by breast cancer, as well as raise awareness to aid in the early detection and prevention of this disease. Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in Australian women, with one in 9…

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