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The day I realised I am turning into my mother

At the beach

It was that moment when you heard the words come out of your mouth – and you knew just as soon as you said it: they were the words of your mother.

We joked about it in our 20’s out of a false sense of security that it was surely just a myth.  But the bubble has burst and many women are realizing that the ’joke’ about girls turning into their mothers is everything but (and you can hear the shrieks of self-realisation and terror from all corners of the country).

The metamorphosis is nothing less than horrifying, especially when you actually realise just how much you now look, sound and act like your mum*

* this does not mean we do not love every ounce of our Mums – it just seems a bit weird to now be a version of her when you thought that you couldn’t be more different, and more to the point, you vowed you would never let it happen. Furthermore, the comment “you’re so much like your mother” seems to be accompanied by an evil laugh from our husbands/partners/sisters/brothers and is extremely annoying.

Alisha has noticed it more since becoming a mother herself.  She remembers hearing our mum say things like ‘my head had just hit the pillow and then I was up again’’ She didn’t get what it meant until she found herself well into that ominous period of sleep deprivation with her own two little ones – and it was all she could do not to say it as she dragged herself out of bed at all hours of the night.

At the beach

Alisha with her two children enjoying a beautiful afternoon at the beach

We chatted with a few of our dear sorellas, and asked them to share the moment they knew they were turning into their mum:

I realized I was turning into my mother:

  • When I started to wave like her – flapping wrist, very little arm movement. Sub-conscious awareness of pending tuck-shop arms perhaps?.
  • When I developed a ‘hole’ in my hair when it falls the wrong way – you can see my scalp. Not good. My mum has an identical hair ‘challenge’.
  • When I couldn’t go to bed at night without having a shower first. My mum told me she “just couldn’t sleep without one”. I always thought it was so strange. I fear I have developed the same obsessive-compulsive nighttime ritual.
  • When I started making those boring meals we had as I kid that I absolutely hated: think Tuna Mornay. Corned Beef. Chow Mein.
  • When I started getting tipsy off one glass of champagne, and often too scared to have a second.
  • When I started to worry about noise levels and what our neighbours would think when having a party. Note said ‘party’ constitutes 5 or 6 people for a BBQ.
  • When I effortlessly worked in the saying “Is the pope a Catholic?” or “I’m as full as a Catholic school” in general conversation.
  • When I first said to my son “No more snacks! You won’t eat your dinner!”.
  • When I started clearing my throat like she does when she’s nervous.  I’ve never had phlegm before?
  • When I started drinking brandy & drys to help “take the edge off”.

Yes, it seems to be true. Turning into your mother is a common and inevitable occurrence.  Some of this could perhaps be attributed to getting old, but no-one can escape from that double-take moment when something you do or say makes you tilt your head to the side and say “Oh crap! I sound just like my mother!”

We would love to hear yours…. leave your ‘moment’ in the comment section below


I realised I was turning into my mother when…..



  • I realised I was turning into my mum when I started carrying a handbag with everything but the kitchen sink, including a cardigan (and started saying things like “everything but the kitchen sink”!). I avoided carrying a handbag for as long as I could, but discovered there are occasions when you need hand sanitiser, a comb, a pen, band-aids, lipstick, a screwdriver…

    • Hello KG. Haha… love the screwdriver suggestion (are you referring to the cocktail?!) the modern woman needs to be prepared for all occasions! Lucky big handbags are so fashionable to be able to carry so much stuff in style! ~ alisha

  • I can’t sit still just like my Mother. I start one thing then on to the next. Even worse, I have been known to put a tissue up my sleeve!!! cute blog idea 🙂

    • Hi Mary – I too have the tissue habit! If my daughter needs one mum says “have you got a tissue for her?” and if I don’t, mum always has one up her sleeve ready!! Not a good look but so handy!! alisha

  • Perhaps, as you said, it is inevitable that we turn into our mom’s. I’ve seen my mom turn into my grandmother. And I have found myself uttering my mom’s lines while talking to my son. In fact, “no more snacking before dinner” is one of those lines.

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