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The day I was proposed to

It’s with heaps and heaps of girly excitement I tell you the love of my life has proposed to me!

image via Hronos7, istockphoto

It has been a crazy few weeks and I feel a little overwhelmed… but I am sure it will all sink in eventually!

Part of the reason I have been so busy is that I had to get sorella & me organized so I could get away for a 3 week working-holiday with my fella (J1) to the USA. He had a conference to go to so I thought I’d tag along, and include a week or so break together at the end (one of the benefits of having your own online business is that you can work, if well-organised, from practically anywhere!…That, and the fact that I can get a mid-week hair appointment instead of the Saturday morning chaos that mon-fri workers have to endure. You guys should get a discount for Saturday appointments – they are nasty. That noisy chaos for 3 hours is one of my pet hates. HATE).

But I digress. Back to my magical proposal story…

So packing for 3 weeks away had the usual challenges of getting mail held, plants watered, getting a winter-white body USA-summer bikini-ready (gasp!) etc etc. But in addition to all this, our house lease ended meaning we also had to find a new home AND move – argghhh!

Which also meant moving the sorella & me office – argghhh!

And on top of that, as previously blogged, Alisha & I are in the thick of new design work! This is actually the best fun but can also be a bit….argghhh!

So it was busy-busy-time. I’m sure J1 didn’t even recognize me – I was one of those time-poor increasingly-stressed-out crazy lady’s. And I literally threw in some swimwear, shorts, and a couple of dresses at 1am before our 7am flight because I ran out of time to pack (and had limited ability to find anything in our moving boxes anyway!).

Stress and minimal luggage aside, I was so excited to have this holiday with J1 as it’s so easy to get into routine and almost forget to have a relationship with the person you love sometimes, isn’t it? Especially this time of year – it’s winter, dreary, cold, and everything just seems like a bit of an effort.

Time out of my environment has always been a great way for me to get focused on ‘us’ again. So just being able to come away with him was really exciting on its own, but to be proposed to on our first day, on a rooftop bar in Santa Monica, with J on two knees (as he was a bit nervous)… was just magical

And yes, there was a ring and yes he must have taken note of all my preferred-ring-hints this whole time when I thought he was deliberating ignoring me. He designed it with the help of his brother in-law so it’s very special to have something made of such love.

We unfortunately had the only overcast & rainy day in July in 10 years (confirmed by about 15 different cab drivers, as well as our friends who are local Santa Monicans)… but a little rain is said to be good luck, right?

So – that’s my proposal story.

I’m not sure when or where will get married, but very happy to know my girlfriend has already found our wedding attire….Bahahahaha!

Love the all-white satin suit. Love the meringue layering.

Tell me about your proposal? Was it all fairy tales and sugar blossoms, or just a small special moment between you and your love like mine?

~ anna

p.s thanks to everyone for the lovely well-wishes via facebook

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