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The girl has a voice

It’s not every day you get to say one of your besties is a rock star – even if in response to that title, this friend would say that’s the most ridiculous thing she has ever heard and end up in a fit of laughter. The laugh is infectious. As is the voice.

I’m sitting here in the sorella & me office listening to her EP (which our neighbours also get to hear on repeat most days), and I think if anyone has an EP on iTunes, I have paid good-hard-earned money for it, and I really really love it… then said person meets the definition of Rockstar in my book.

LIVI ROBINSMeet Livi Robins.

Friends since we were 18, Livi and I lived together in Brisbane while we were at Uni where a lot of chicken chips were consumed and Bold & the Beautiful episodes watched.

She was studying something very non-rockstar-ish: Radiography. Not that there isn’t anything sexy about a fractured fibula. It’s just not really a typical career choice for a musically talented person who is destined to be a rockstar is it?

So while I knew she was incredibly intelligent, her voice was a secret she kept to herself.

{side note: I don’t ever remember seeing her study, but she would still seem to pull out perfect exam results while I would barely sleep with worry and often be throwing up with the thought of failing weeks before exam week would even start. For this reason, I will admit there was a small amount of hate coming from my side of the friendship}

But occasionally I could hear her quietly singing in her room with a vague likeness to someone who actually knew how to sing.

I would knock on her door, confused why Mariah Carey was hiding in her room:

I’d say:                      “Hey? What’s that?”

And she’d be like:     “What?”

And I’d be like:          “That voice? Where’s that voice coming from?”

And she’d be like:     “Oh… It’s me. It’s nothing.”

Nothing my bum. I should have signed her up to be her agent then and there.

Fast forward a decade or so – after having a couple of gorgeous kids and working hard in her medical career, I guess ‘that voice’ became a little louder and was being heard a little more often by those around her.

Being of the generation where it’s almost unnatural not to switch and swap career like we change our underpants, Livi decided she would pay more attention to the burning in her stomach – even if it was just singing for those that were closest to her that she trusted.

Things got a little less private though when she got a spot in Ronan Keating’s team on X Factor in 2010.  She did incredibly well and finally the world knew. And it was never going to stop there.

As most of us in our 30’s might be able to relate to, Livi says: “I feel like I’ve been on a mission to extract my inner self for so long”.

She teamed up with guitarist Shaun Wegener who gave her the support she needed to hit the stage and test real audiences.  While gaining experience performing, she was also writing – and the idea for an EP took shape.

Livi actually allowed us to use one of her songs Blackbird (co-written by Vaughan Jones) for the sorella & me behind the scenes video in 2011 (see below).  We love it (and it’s still one of my favourites).


Her talent was obvious and she was quickly surrounded by people who could help get her current self-titled EP together. She’s received airplay on radio and her first single’s clip Nothing Great is being played on the Country Music Channel {you can request it here}.

In terms of gigs, she played at the Tamworth Country Music Festival this year and if you are around the Sunshine Coast at the moment she is performing at the Gympie Muster {You can catch her last show tonight at 10.45pm at the Muster Club}

OLIVIA_frontCOVER_ITUNESTo keep up to date with future gigs or to connect with Livi, visit her facebook page and website. And you can purchase her current EP via iTunes here.

{My friend has an EP on iTunes? Seriously?}

Enjoy – and careful, you might get addicted to that laugh & sweet voice just like I have.

~ anna

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