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The joys of being a Mum – Happy Mothers Day!

Kathie and her 3 children

In case you have been sleeping under a rock – It’s Mothers Day on Sunday!

So we thought it would be timely to sit down with 5 of our beautiful friends and share what’s special about being a Mum (and what’s on their wish-list this Mothers Day – we hope their partners are taking notes!).


Hello I’m Carrie – I’m a Literacy Coach, wife, and mum of 2 children – Charli who is 10 and Zeke is 6. We live in Geelong in Victoria.

Carrie with her 2 children - Charli & Zeke

What makes being a mum special? 

Just being a mum is special, I feel so blessed! Being a working mum, no matter how hectic my day may have been, coming home to cuddles and my children wanting to share everything with me is truly amazing!

What is the funniest thing your child has ever said to you?

They have said so many funny things but I have such a bad memory when it comes to sharing quotes but an instance that certainly made me laugh was when we were fortunate enough to travel through Europe for my brother’s wedding.  Zeke was just about to turn 5 and one night in our motor-home in a caravan park in France he said, “Mum, say parlez vous anglais'” {Translation: Do you speak English?}, so of course I did – with which he responded in his best French accent “little bit – little bit!”.  I think perhaps he picked up on us wanting to speak more English with the locals than French!

How you will you celebrate Mother’s Day?

With all the whispers around my house at the moment I’m excited to see what is planned! My husband is so unbelievably thoughtful and he always helps the children make it a special day.  I also love catching up with my mum so hopefully we’ll get together for lunch or dinner.

What’s on your Mother’s Day wish list?

I only have two things on my list! After receiving my sorella & me sleepshirt for Christmas I have pretty much lived in it each night when I get home and with the cold weather coming on I need something a bit warmer.  So kids if you read this I REALLY WANT a grey lounge wrap and evening sky drawstring pant…PLEASE!!



Hi I’m Elise!  I’m a Mum, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Pet owner, Bookkeeper, Director of the Eades Clan the list could go on & on…… I live in Sunrise Beach in Queensland, I have two children a girl & a boy

Elise and her 2 children

What makes being a mum special?

Holding your newborn bub there is nothing more special than that first moment & then just being apart of them growing up (cuddles too).  Putting everything into our two gorgeous kids & seeing them growing into nice little happy beings

What is the funniest thing your child ever said to you? 

Maybe not the funniest, but one of the latest funny little things that come from my son Jake…. Dad comes home from work & walks upstairs to see Jake at the other end in the garden. Jake has climbed a few rocks & is sitting on the top (only about 4 foot high). Dad says “Wow look who’s king of the mountain”, and Jake replied: “No dad, I’m just Jake & these are just rocks!!!”

How you will celebrate Mother’s Day this year? 

Lunch out with the family

What’s on your Mother’s Day wish list? 

A hand-made card, perfect weather & quality time with happy kids



Hi I’m Peta – a stay-at-home Mum (that’s the first time I’ve used that phrase!) and I live in a small outback town in far western Queensland. Though it only seems like yesterday that she was born, my little girl Bindi, is now 8 months old.  I live with my partner, father-in-law and dog, Honey.

Peta with her daughter Bindi

What makes being a mum special?

That’s a hard one.  I just knew I was ready to be a mum.  And I guess I was ready for the responsibility and selflessness that goes with it… probably not as ready for the sleepless nights!  There are best things about being a mum every day.  Today was cuddling before bed, yesterday was receiving a wave when I entered the room, tomorrow morning is sure to be a smile on waking.

What’s the funniest thing your child has ever said to you?

We are yet to officially speak our first word, though Dad swears he can hear ‘Dada’ and I looked twice when I thought I heard ‘Hello’, but spinning the saucepan lid got a lot of laughs tonight when preparing tea!

How you will celebrate your first Mother’s Day?!

Bindi and I have survived the 1200km-two-day-car-trip back to Brisbane to spend some time with my mum, Nana, and happily it coincides with Mother’s Day this year. My partner has work commitments out west, so a phone call will be the best I get! We might have a belated Mother’s Day this year…

What’s on your mother’s day wish list?

A nice card



Hi I’m Kathie, an Aussie Mum who lives in Antwerp, Belgium. I have three children – a boy 6 and two girls 3 & 1

Kathie and her 3 children

What makes being a mum special?

Watching these little people grow. They have their physical similarities as siblings but very quickly you see their individual characters shine through. Getting to expose them to new things and watch their fresh view of the world.

What is the funniest thing your child has ever said to you?

Lately my three year old has been saying some funny things – “Can you please put my lid on?” – referring to the hood of her jacket. And “There’s our tractor!” – when she spotted our friends’ Range Rover in the parking lot. She is also mastering the art of swearing – her tone is perfect which is unfortunately hilarious.

How will you celebrate Mothers Day?

Not sure yet but maybe brunch in a café and then to the Zoo or the outdoor sculpture park.

What’s on your Mothers Day wish list?

An hour or two to myself



My name is Emma, I live in Emerald in Queensland and I have one child – Miles and he is 5 months old

Emma & her son Miles

What makes being a mum special?

I think being a Mum is special because it gives you a bond with this special person that no one else has, and every day you see them grow into this amazing little individual, that is discovering the things we take for granted, for the very first time, and finding such pleasure in them.

What is the funniest thing your child has ever said to you?

Gooooooo! (…we aren’t talking just yet!)

How will you celebrate your first Mothers Day?!

With my Husband and Miles – we will also be spending it with my side of the family (which is very rare) and celebrating with my Mum & Mother In Law.

What’s on your Mothers Day wish list?

I would love for Miles’ first tooth to come through – a day of relief for my little man!


Thanks so much to our Mums for their time today. We hope you all have a wonderful & relaxing day on Sunday! You deserve it!  love alisha & anna

How about you? What makes being a Mum special for you?

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  • Nice to see Peta wearing the sorella & me Modern T ~ and that Carrie is hoping to expand her wardrobe with a few more pieces too! Nice one girls! ~ anna

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