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The sorella-hood’s top 10 essential items to pack in your hospital bag – for MUMS!

It’s fair to say an expectant Mary Poppins would be well prepared for her pending hospital visit, but what about the rest of us that aren’t lucky enough to have bottomless luggage?

There are many ‘What to pack for your hospital bag’ lists out there, so the difference with the sorella & me list? Well, it is compiled by our sorella-hood readers – AND their suggestions focus on Mum’s needs only! (A big thank you to all those who contributed!)

So here we go – the Top 10 essential items to pack in your hospital bag – for MUMS!

1. Comfy Sleepwear (that doubles as day-wear!) 

You have to be comfortable, but you don’t want to be in clothes that will have you diving under the covers when visitors turn up! And you’ll need lots of changes, especially items you can discretely breastfeed in that won’t make getting your breast out difficult (!!) or make you feel self-conscious about your belly. It’s no surprise our sorella mums very kindly recommend sorella & me organic sleep and loungewear. Tried and tested, they think the collection is a perfect combination of style, function and comfort.

sorella & me organic nursing nightie – www.sorellaandme.com.au

2. A comfy little home for your feet 

Hospitals can be very cold! Keep your tootsies warm with a soft pair of slippers, socks, or Ugg boots (just make sure those Uggs are are Aussie owned and made with sustainable sheep’s wool!). We love the socks from Humphrey Law and Merino Country.

3. Note Pad and Pen

It sounds basic but trust the sorella women who swear it’s essential! There will be information overload and because of your state of ‘baby la-la-land’ you will need to write things down – there is a lot to take in in those first couple of days and you want to make sure you are going home with all the info you need (as well as make sure you know which friend gave you which gift!). Check out the earth friendly notebooks from Ethikl or go for an electronic version if you’re a modern mum! There are also some smartphone/tablet apps out there that even record your breastfeeding times & which breast is next!

4. Chocolate

Surely no need to explain why! Our go-to suppliers are Green & Blacks and Oxfam and both are available at most supermarkets and health food stores as well as online. (See here why buying products made with Fairtrade ingredients makes a big difference).

Oxfam Fairtrade Chocolate

5. Nana-size-undies

And lots of them…like 10 + pairs!! You will have a period-like bleed following birth so maxi-pads are essential as are lots of changes of knickers. And our mums reckon the bigger the Nana-style ones you can get, the better. For pants that also “do good” – check out our friends at Pants to Poverty.

Big knickers are essential – but this could be a little over the top…

 6.Booby Items

Keep your all-important breasts happy with organic breast pads (to catch leaking milk) and nipple cream (to prevent painful cracks). There are quite a few options on the market – we like the certified organic balm by Natures Child.

7. Toiletries

You’ll be needing those maxi pads we talked about earlier, hair ties, bodywash, dry shampoo, and of course a toothbrush! You will want to feel fresh for visitors (not to mention look lovely for all those photos), so give yourself a little luxury with Miranda Kerr’s KORA Organics skincare range. You might also find your lips get very dry (a combination of labour and hospital air conditioning!), so find yourself a vitamin E lip balm with perhaps a little tint to help you feel a bit more glam.

8. Breastfeeding pillow.

These are particularly helpful for those women following a caesarean – the baby can rest on the pillow instead of your tummy. Some of our mums said they are great for anyone as  the added height means you don’t have to hold bub up – Neck pain can be a killer while you and baby are learning to nurse so forming good habits with posture is really important early on. There are plenty on the market, this is the one I used, but I’ve just come across Moonbaby Nursing Pillow by Darling’s Down Under which is Australian made and owned which is of course better to support.

9. CAMERA!!!

You have produced a little miracle and the likelihood of you getting snap happy during this time is an understatement!! It doesn’t need to be fancy – in fact you probably want one that’s an easy ‘aim and shoot’ so those precious moments can be taken without the need of an instruction manual!

10. Pregnancy Recovery Shorts

The verdict is still out on these shorts that claim to provide support and comfort via compression, but they seem to be very popular with our sorella mums. Definitely a luxury item but if you can manage to include them, why not?

So now over to you! What hasn’t been included that you would recommend as a must-have item in a new mums hospital bag? Help your expectant sorellas out and share your suggestion below…..

~ alisha

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