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Too old for a festival? Not a food & wine festival!

I love the vibe of a festival.  The feeling of having nothing better to do but be in the moment, with a beverage, talking, watching, listening, enjoying – and that’s it, your only care is to soak in the atmosphere!

The full-day full-on all-out music festival is pretty much over for me – it could have something to do with not wanting to go to festivals that my students now go to!  However I have still been going to the Byron Bay Bluesfest at Easter for the last few years….even dragging my kiddies along as it’s really got a great family friendly vibe. I also love going to the Woodford Folk Festival over New Year for the same reason – especially in the early days when it was in Maleny (in the Queensland Hinterland) and moving from one tent into the next only meant out one door a few paces and in to another! It was all really easy.

Byron Bay Bluesfest

Byron Bluesfest. Little L not sure about these things dad brought from work for her ears! Now we see you can buy these from Peltor Kids – if only they were around when we needed them!


My husband with baby in her Bjorn carrier at the Woodford Folk festival. Looks like a lot of fun doesn’t it?!! It ALWAYS rains but the music is always great!

We recently went along to the Noosa International Food and Wine Festival (May 17-20). No-one pats you down or checks your pockets for contraband like they do at music festivals! This event certainly has an older easy-going crowd, and a very relaxed atmosphere.

Noosa food & wine fest

The crowd enjoying beautiful weather for the Noosa International Food & Wine Festival

It’s quite the event for Noosa. We think the best ticket value is for the afternoon and closing concert on Sunday. Every year it proves to be a wonderful arvo/evening especially if Noosa is putting on it’s glorious May weather.


Noosa – My daughter enjoying Pavolva for 1! Grated lime zest on the top – who would have thought it would make all the difference to a pav? – GENIUS!!

Matt Preston's Lamb

Lunch time at the food and wine festival thanks to Matt Preston: slow cooked Turkish-style white Pyrenees lamb shoulder, cucumber, coriander, pomegranate, green olive, pistachio salad. Yum – an understatement!

It certainly helps to be a foodie/wino to enjoy this event. No beer cans, Jim Beam or hot chips in sight.  With the rise of the celebrity chef the event gets better each year and you’ll find your time is spent brushing past the guy from Masterchef, your favourite cook book author, or the guy that does the desserts…you know the Profiterole guy…what’s his name again?….

Stephanie Alexander

Stephanie Alexander was there with her Kitchen Garden Foundation. A special mini garden was set up representing the plots in primary schools right around Australia.

Noosa International Food & Wine Festival

Tasting some amazing food straight off the BBQ from beautiful local restaurant wasabi 

Another benefit of a low-key weekend festival is waking up on Monday fresh as a daisy! It’s such a joy because us ‘oldies’ with kids love a daytime social outing where you can be home in bed at a decent hour – unlike the music festivals where I would be rolling home in the early hours of the morning!  With 2 littlies, I no longer have the luxury of a day off in bed nursing a hangover!

Sneaky Sound System played at the closing concert for the Noosa Food & Wine Fest:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4QWS1LnJxI&w=560&h=315]


I do enjoy a proper gig thrown in now and again though – but only if it’s well planned, and the kids can have an over-nighter with Nan & Pa!!!

Anna & Alisha

Anna and I getting excited for Lenny Kravitz & The Cranberries gig in Melbourne.

By the way…I was on a mission to find an organic wine for our eco-friendly non-pregnant sorellas but no luck at the festival – However I was recommended Angove Family Winemakers who are a South Australian wine company. Review of the Organic chardonnay by James Halliday (88 Points):

“Bright green-straw; certified organically grown; like the Shiraz, well-handled, and with plenty of flavour.  Its organic credentials are enhanced by the Lean+Green bottle with 38% less glass than the conventional bottle.  This results in 19% less water being used and 19% less carbon dioxide being produced in the bottle production.”

 Could be worth a tipple?!!

~ alisha

We would love to hear about a festival or event in your area that you would recommend, or any other comments please leave below!

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