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Vintage finds & the stories they tell

I have already confessed my love of 1950s films to the sorella-hood (see here for a re-cap). So it probably won’t shock you that I’m a sucker for a cute antique shop – I just love looking (and sometimes laughing) at all the amazing things. I can waste some serious hours and fortunately for me, if I holler out to J1 to “Pull over!” he knows I’m serious and is as equally keen to jump out of the car and hunt for treasures.

Aside from having a firm belief that for the good of the planet we should be trying to break the cycle of needing everything new (see here and here for more banter about this), there’s something sweet about having a little piece of someone else’s history (especially if it’s a gorgeous art-deco set sapphire of sorts – I haven’t found anything along these lines just yet).

I especially love the opportunity to hunt for something precious if I find myself in a new place.  Some of my most precious things have come from near and far – from tiny little vintage shops from travels in France, to where my father grew up – Mortlake in Country Victoria (Australia).

I’m having a (much-needed) break next month and looking forward to hitting the pavement in New York and spending excessive hours in vintage poster shops, book stores, and little quirky antique stores.

While I’m not really a clothing op-shopper (I get so overwhelmed when I enter these stores and never seem to find anything that would ‘work’ for me), and have a firm view that most fashions of the past deserve to stay in the past, I really had to laugh when I saw this fantastic clip on vintage nightwear.

Do yourself a favour and hit play…. and listen out for the voice over “Brings a new meaning to the idea beauty sleep”

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPt-lxLn7To&w=420&h=315]

If I had a choice between sorella & me sleepwear and these ‘Victorian style nighties’, I think I’d go with the organic cotton every time. Although Alisha & I are in new design phase at the moment so perhaps we could add ‘lace edge calf length pantaloons’ in there somewhere?

Do you have a soft spot for things of the past (or more importantly, any tips for where I can find some goodies in New York?!)

~ anna

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