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We have teamed up with The Global Women’s Project to support mothers and their newborns in Nepal!

Lunchtime for this newborn

If you’re anything like us, you felt devastated watching the news earlier this year and wondered what you could do to help those affected by the earthquakes.

Well there was one organisation providing relief and assistance that caught our eye – they’re called The Global Women’s Project, a small but mighty non-profit organisation that has managed to support over 65,000 Nepalis following the earthquakes.

Established in 2013, the organisation was founded by a group of young women based in Melbourne, Australia, committed to addressing the impact of poverty, discrimination and violence on women’s lives in developing countries and developing sustainable and innovative ways to make a difference.

Their Executive Director Briony Mackenzie was on the ground when disaster struck in Nepal on April 25th working alongside their grassroots partner organisation, Women’s Foundation Nepal, to deliver women’s vocational training and economic livelihood programs. Although providing emergency relief is outside their regular (wo)mandate, there was no question they would do everything they could to support Nepali families during this crisis period, with a focus on addressing the particular needs of women and girls.

While delivering aid in the districts, they met hundreds of pregnant women, many of whom were being forced to give birth under tarps and in fields because their houses and local health clinics had collapsed. The UNFPA estimates that there were 126,000 pregnant women in Nepal at the time of the earthquakes. You can imagine how unsafe this is for women and their newborn babies.

Shortly after the earthquakes, The Global Women’s Project and their grassroots partner responded by establishing a Shelter in Kathmandu to give pregnant women the support, care and facilities they need during their last month of pregnancy and first month with a newborn.

Shelter for Pregnant Mothers May 30 #6


One of their aims is to raise enough money to provide holistic support to 600 women and their newborns over the next 12 months in the most appropriate way possible, either at the Shelter or in their own communities. Funds that go towards the Shelter will cover non-medical costs for a woman and her newborn for two months – including a bed, blankets, nappies and sanitary products, three nutritious meals a day, clean and safe drinking water, transportation to and from their district and basic maternal and child health education. The cost to provide all of this for the length of a two month stay is just AUD$300. To date they have already supported 200 women and their newborns, which is an incredible achievement!

As a small business with a focus on mothers and their babies, we’re sure you’d understand the pressing need we felt to do something about this situation. SO…

For every sale from our maternity collection for the month on November, we will donate $5 to The Global Women’s Project’s recovery programs in Nepal including the Shelter in Kathmandu!

In recognition of the fact that women are disproportionately affected by natural disaster, and that pregnancy, lactation and menstruation pose specific threats to women’s health and their ability to take on active roles in rebuilding their communities following the disaster – we really want to get behind this program.

We know our beautiful sorellas will too! And we thank you in advance for contributing to this wonderful project. If you would like any further information, or to make a separate donation, please head to The Global Women’s Project.


x anna & the sorella team

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