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What are the best things about being a Dad?

It’s Day 4 of our Dad-Fest in the sorella-hood with Father’s Day coming up on Sunday!

It’s a special time for all families – especially those with Dad’s who are celebrating their FIRST FATHER’S DAY! Yay for you!

For today’s post, we wanted to know what it is that’s so special about being a Dad. So we asked 5 sorella dads just that:

“What are the best things about being a Dad?”


Experiencing love in a completely different way than I have ever before. The love I have for my kids is like no other love – I can’t put it into words, I can’t tell you how it feels. But it is amazing. And no one told me it would happen! I thought I would just have a child and love them and help them grow… But the love for your kids is intense! It’s awesome.


I love watching them grow and develop – every single day is different. Just when you think you know them, they come out and surprise you with something that either makes you laugh, proud, happy, or confused (and sometimes all these at once).


The best thing about being a dad is just being a dad! I love it! Being the person they feel safe with, that can make them laugh, that can provide for them – Yep, every part of being a dad to my son is the best.


I love the warm fuzzy feeling when I come home to my kids at the end of a long working day, there is nothing better than greeting them at the door with hugs and kisses! Knowing I have an influence on a little person and their life on what they do and how they will turn out is amazing. I love the look on their little faces when they have something new to show me.


Surprisingly, one of the best things about being a dad for me, was learning more about myself. I thought I had done all the growing I was going to do – but nope, I have grown and changed more since having children. You have to. And I love who I have become as a result of my beautiful 3 girls.

Wow! Being a Dad sounds awesome! Talk about some fabulous motivation for anyone thinking of wanting to start a family!

Thanks so much to all our Dad’s for sharing such a personal perspective on their important role as ‘Dad’.

And an early Happy Fathers day to all our sorella-dads! We hope you have a spectacular day.

What do you think? Share your thoughts below on the best things about being a Dad.

~ anna

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