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What did you miss in 2012?

Welcome back to the sorella-hood for 2013! We hope you had a wonderful time over Christmas with your family and set for another fantastic year!

As parents start to get the back-to-school preparations started, and men and women over the country groan their way back to work (dreaming of any sort of opportunity to be able to quit work and financially fund a permanent residence at the beach), Alisha & I are so excited to be reaching sorella & me‘s first birthday later this month, and can’t wait to see  where this year will take us (it’s going to be hard to top an amazing 2012!).

Aside from a overwhelming love of our sleepwear collection, a very surprising aspect of sorella & me last year was the growing love for this blog. We seemed to have naturally developed a little community of wonderful people to connect with via a couple of rambling posts each week.

If we can make you smile, raise some important questions, or perhaps help even answer some questions, then all the more important our time allocated for writing becomes.

So firstly – thanks so much for your support!

For today we thought you might like to know what our top 3 posts were for 2012 – this will give you a chance to read them again or perhaps discover them for the first time if you missed them the first time around!

In spot no. 3

“10 things to make you feel old, but also make you laugh”. I have now had another birthday since writing this post so it’s even more breathtakingly-dire!

How did a kid get a whole creek named after him? Photo credit: Sony Pictures

How did a kid get a whole creek named after him? Photo credit: Sony Pictures

In second place (and I’m so pleased!) was “Grace Kelly: Princess, Mother, Actress, Style icon. Could she have been any more fabulous?”. It seems I’m not they only GK-adoring-fan out there!

Princess Grace Kelly - Boating

image via Harper’s Bazaar

And in top spot….

“The Lingerie Football League: Professional sport or professional porn?” – according to my blog stats, this post rated so highly due to ALOT of readers typing in the phrase ‘LFL Porn’ into google’s search box (and thereby proving my point of the article that people are watching the game as a form of porn).

Lingerie Football League

Hmmm, those heels look great for running the length of a football field in.

Yep, it was probably the thing that made me most furious last year, and has also wisened me up to so many other areas of society (mostly brand marketing) that easily portray women as sexed-up fiends good for no other purpose but to look at or hope to shag. It also made me question the wiliness of our media to freely promote the league. Do the morning television shows not understand their audience?

I’m going to guess that most of the people landing on the post via that google search term weren’t after a lesson in gender equity, so who knows how long they stuck around to actually read it – but none-the-less, at least they might have got a slap in the face from the posts title!

We’d love to hear which sorella-hood post was your favourite in 2012? 

And thank you again (from the absolute bottom of our hearts) for giving a little time in your day to enjoy the sorella-hood.

anna & alisha

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