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When destiny takes hold of your child and shouts “Enjoy the Ride!!”

I grew up around a lot of pushy stage Mums. Luckily I didn’t have one, and I’m determined not to be one! So much so I have held my daughter who is now 5, back from classes or specialist lessons, making a rule with myself that I would wait till she starts school.

I grew up in the ‘theatre’. I danced, sang and acted my way through my childhood and teenage years, with a little bit of piano on the side.  I have wonderful memories of my weekends treading the boards (while poor dad sat out in the car waiting).  Like many young girls, this very early became my thing. I knew my whole life what I liked and what I wanted to be. I got pretty close to a spot at NIDA, but that ended in a bucket load of tears!  Following this experience I made a decision to let the ‘dream’ go. It was time to move on and so I became a high school Drama teacher and I love my career.

Recently I have had the pleasure in watching a young girl’s rise to the big time! This young lady entered a competition and the rest is history. Her mum is absolutely stunning and while supportive of this new-found fame, her parents are also understandably cautious of where all this will take her.

Isabella Tomkins

Isabella Tomkins is a beautiful 11-year-old girl who won the witchery8fourteen fashion blogger competition.  If you have a young daughter she might like to check out Issy’s blog – Click here to go to her latest post, and see below for a snippet. One Direction concert outfit! Love it!

Isabella Tomkins latest blog post – “Spring Music” via blog.witchery.com.au

Here she is touring the witchery head office…..what a lucky girl!!!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYx9uqV-C2E&w=560&h=315]

As things continue to take off, her parents have also set up and manage a facebook page for Issy as they believe she is too young to have her own. Here she will promote her message to young girls to ‘rock your own style’ and you can keep up with her exciting journey.

Isabella Tomkins Fashion Blogger facebook page. Featuring images and video of Issy from her appearance on Ch 9 Mornings just last week. She did a fantastic job! (facebook.com/Isabellatomkins1)

Some people have natural talent, the X factor, and others have to work hard to achieve the same level.  When a student provides a moment in my classroom of brilliance, it hits hard and can be wonderfully moving and rewarding as an educator.

For some, destiny takes hold and it seems that Issy’s is unraveling before her.

It has been a thrill to get the weekly updates from her Mum. So proud, but so NOT the pushy stage mum I often saw in the wings.  Issy has the best team behind her and it’s going to be exciting to see what comes next for her. Keep an eye out for Isabella Tomkins!

All the best for your ongoing adventure Issy!

~ alisha

Have you spotted talent in your own child that is obvious destiny? We would love to hear your story…..

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